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'Lovejoy, Series 2' DVD Review

DVD Review: Lovejoy, Series 2
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Lovejoy, Series 2


Lovejoy (Ian McShane) is back in another 12 episode DVD set. You say that you don't know Lovejoy? Some would call him a rogue. He has the knack or better yet he has the eye to tell fake antiques from the real thing. He is able to make a fairly good living at it. His only problem is the people that he has to deal with. You see in the world of precious antiques sometimes the people would like to find that deal even if it means that would kill for it.

In Series 2, some of the episodes can really have an effect on the viewer. Like in the first episode Lovejoy is released from prison and immediately tries to go after those who framed him, though he does try to rekindle his friendship with Lady Jane (Phyllis Logan).

In episode two Lovejoy runs into an aristocrat who has tricked his brother out his share of the family estate. Lovejoy tries his best to right the wrong between the two brothers. Lovejoy does what he does because he is simply good at solving the trickiest of mysteries. This makes this show one of the most enjoyable coming from our friends at Acorn TV.

That's right, 'Lovejoy Series 2' is being distributed from Acorn and is due out on September 2, 2014. The DVD set is of the finest quality. The visuals and sound are exquisite. This is one for your personal library and will give you enjoyable viewing pleasure for a long time to come.

Lovejoy brings a certain flare that is seldom seen in the mystery genre. His character is sometime questionable. He like others of course are in the game to make mega money on the treasures he finds. His flaw if you would call it that is he has a conscience and that he will not kill as those in the business have done before. Lovejoy once again is an enjoyable series that is sure to keep you entertained for many years to come.