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Latest Beatles' 50th anniversary book: '50 Most Historic Moments'

"The Beatles: 50 Most HIstoric Moments"


A new magazine commemorating the Beatles' 50th anniversary is out on newsstands. It's “The Beatles: 50 Most Historic Moments” from Bauer Publishing, part of their huge “Life Story” series targeted at newsstand and supermarket browsers.

Covers of four Beatles 50th anniversary tributes now out.
Bauer Publishing
A portion of the cover of "The Beatles: 50 Most Historic Moments."
Bauer Publishing

Bauer put out another Beatles Life Story earlier this year that featured a general overview of the Beatles story. This one is a little more specific with a list of 50 important moments in their career.

And it looks like the publishers at least put a little thought into it. Some of the moments feature the Apple rooftop session (#46), their three Grammy Award wins in 1966 (#32), the Jesus controversy (#28) and “I Want To Hold Your Hand” breaks in America (#15).

Also mentioned is “The Beatles” cartoon show (#26), which somehow ranked higher than "Yellow Submarine" (#42).

Some of the top 10: George Martin (#10), Brian Epstein (#8), Allan Williams (#5), the arrivals of Ringo Starr (#3) and George Harrison (#2) and, of course, the meeting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney (#1).

Curiously, and probably reflecting an American viewpoint, there is a feature on Pete Best, but he's not included in the list.

Like Bauer's previous Beatles' 50th Anniversary special, the cover price is $9.95. The specific topics it covers make it certainly more interesting than that one.

And they aren't the only 50th anniversary tributes out there. Newsweek and USA Today have also published them.

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