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Inner Realms Tarot Review

Inner Realms Tarot


Trust your inner guide, your senses, emotions, and thoughts with Inner Realms Tarot.

Trust your inner guide, your senses, emotions, and thoughts with Inner Realms Tarot.

Inner Realms Tarot, 78 card deck and 128 page companion book, packaged within a trademark Schiffer box, sturdy and magnetic lid, is sure to find its place upon many shelves.

Deck: These 3 ½ by 5 sized cards of heavy stock with a glossy finish are easy to shuffle. Each card contains a rich, vibrant color design, keywords, and a steady supply of energy.

Companion Book: Introduction suggests letting your Spirit guide you. Chapter One informs you to trust yourself and your senses and offers some advice on handling your new deck. Chapter Two contains three suggested spreads: The Three Card Spread, The Horseshoe Spread, and The Celtic Cross Spread. Chapter Three introduces the beginning of the card interpretation section. Each card is explored, featuring a black and white image, name, energy of card, and a section to record your first impressions. Other Meanings shares Zodiac Signs, Pairings of Suits, Pairing of Aces, and Pairing of Court Cards.

The Author/artist Saleire leaves you with the parting words of a bit of advice.

Let the Spirit move you, the cards guide you and your heart deliver the message.

Inner Realms Tarot, more than a Tarot deck, is an intuitive guide - a tool for a more guided path, an in-between for you and Spirit to better connect. Allow yourself to sense the cards’ energies, to connect with the messages of your Spirit guides. The power is within you but this deck can shine a light down the path and give you that extra guidance.

The keywords, while I found them slightly distracting, can be very useful. You should first meditate on the images, allow yourself to react with the energies of each card, and form your own thoughts. Then, while reading, your focus will be upon the energy itself, and the keyword which corresponds with the current reading will bring you focus, not distraction.

The energy descriptions in the companion book can also be very useful. Some give a new insight into the Tarot, while others follow a traditional path. I suggest spending time with this deck, one card pulls and daily draws before performing a complex reading. There’s much to be grasped within this energetic deck. Take the needed time, connect with the energy, and the results could be amazing.

I recommend this deck to anyone interested in Divination. Newbies and seasoned readers will find great joy within the mere vibrations of this deck, not to mention the active images which almost seem to move with their energy.

To purchase your deck, go to Schiffer Books.

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