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'Ice Soldiers' is straight to video action in a theater you

Some cold violence in the arctic circle
Some cold violence in the arctic circle

Ice Soldiers


Don't get me wrong, I've never been the kind of guy to turn his nose up at a good old fashioned dumb as dirt action movie, but when they actually make it to theatre, then I have to at least do somewhat of a double take. "Ice Soldiers" is more or less exactly as it sounds and while it makes for a somewhat acceptable B-Grade action flick, it really has no business in theatres.

A scientist (Dominic Purcell) discovers the bodies of three frozen genetically modified Russians buried in the Canadian North. Upon thawing them out he realizes he has unleashed a deadly threat to Western society and must stop them at all costs.

Ultimately a premise that feels a little too rushed more than anything else, "Ice Soldiers" has enough schlocky action to make it a decent distraction, but some poor pacing that results in a little too much exposition make this a little too boring to make it worth a trip to the theatre. Director Sturla Gunnarson has enough of a track record in previous productions as solid director and the movie is well shot. While some of the set design leaves a little to be desired, you can let it go in a low budget sci-fi action film. The script from Jonathan Tydor who also gave us the cheesetacular "Dark Angel" back in 1990 is very hit and miss as the pacing is off, and a lot of the dialogue clunks even though the narrative actually uses a little bit of logic as to why Dominic Purcell kind of works as a scientist.

Granted having him as our thick jawed protagonist was admittedly a little awkward as he spouts scientific dialogue, but Purcell makes it work and it makes sense in the context of the story. Michael Ironside brings his usual shtick while Adam Beach was seemingly there due to his native ancestry. No one was particularly bad, but it was it was all very much by the numbers and a little perfunctory.

While "Ice Soldiers" is OK for a lazy Sunday afternoon of channel surfing, you don't need to hit the theatres to see this one.

1 out of 5 stars.

"Ice Soldiers" is now playing in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver, check with your local listings for show times.

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