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iHeartRadio Music Awards: Best performances of the night

Artists who stole the show at the I Heart Radio Music Awards 2014
Artists who stole the show at the I Heart Radio Music Awards 2014

I Heart Radio Music Awards


The first ever iHeartRadio Music Awards aired tonight, live from Los Angeles -- and boy was that made clear. The whole show was a love fest for the City of Angels. Being from Hollyweird, it was pretty cool seeing all those celebrities confess their love for LA.

I Heart Radio Music Awards 2014

The show featured everyone from Blake Shelton and Imagine Dragon to Adam Lambert and Rihanna and just about everyone in between. We even saw a rare appearance by Mary-Kate Olsen -- or was it Ashley? The performances were pretty spectacular, too.

The 5th best performance has to go to Shakira. The Columbian beauty sang her incredible hit song Empire. Although, at first it seemed as though she was lip syncing, the second half seemed more genuine and live. The most surprising aspect, however, was how she was dressed -- very "everyday". We're starting to miss the mid-riff baring Shak.

The 4th best performance goes to Ariana Grande. Although Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton looked a tad confused watching her perform "Problem", she performed the two-song medley live, danced her tiny little butt off and actually sounded pretty good. The Nickelodeon actress's wardrobe change on stage was a bit revealing -- but then again, she's over 18 and can wear whatever she pleases.

Coming in at 3rd place and almost shaking his way into number two goes to country music's hunk of the decade -- Luke Bryan. He sang his hit song "My Kind of Night" and danced his way into everyone's hearts. My goodness gracious, that boy is fine.

At the number 2 spot -- Pharrell Williams took this one with a medley of the biggest hits of the year. He is an incredible producer and artist and the clip montage of the artists he has worked with in the past praising him explained exactly why he won the Innovator of the Year award.

And finally, the best performance of the night, hands down, goes to 30 Seconds From Mars. The Academy Award winning Jared Leto led this band's performance into award show history. The clips of celebrities like James Franco, Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West and Hollywood performers like Superman and Marilyn Monroe telling their personal stories about Los Angeles between the band's performance of City of Angels was very touching and very fitting. The stand out story throughout the clips definitely goes to Selena Gomez.

What a night! Looking forward to next year's show. Artists nowhere in sight included Robin Thicke who had an incredibly big year, Katy Perry, Kesha and Justin Bieber.