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Hallelujah! Mineral makeup that will make your skin scream thank you

Color Me Natural


You may have heard that mineral makeup can be bad for you, clog your pores, or does not cover the face very well. Much of the bad stuff that you read about mineral makeup is unfortunately true. Many of the mineral makeup lines on the market, especially some of the more popular lines have some harmful ingredients.

Check out this eye color in Deep Emerald
Color Me Natural

It’s such a pain to constantly be looking for makeup that’s safe. Please, let me introduce you to Color Me Natural! Make sure you watch the video linked with this article as it has some tips and tricks on how to apply this amazing all natural makeup.

Here is a question and answer session with the owner of Color Me Natural, Jennifer Cerf.

Q. What makes Color Me Natural different from other mineral makeup on the market?

A. Let me start out by saying this, not all-mineral makeup is created equal. Read your labels. Color Me Natural is fragrance-free, talc-free, paraben-free, and we do not use nano-particles or synthetic dyes in our makeup. In addition, we use jojoba oil in our minerals to add moisture, keep the loose powder from dusting, and it improves the adhesion of all our products. Jojoba oil is really a wax. It suits all skin types; helps treat acne breakouts, controls oily skin, and much more. We also use kaolin clay in place of talc. Kaolin clay is commonly used in facial masks. It offers excellent adhesion properties, helps cleanse your skin, fight breakouts, fills in fine lines, lets your skin breathe, it's waterproof, and sweat-proof. Many leading cosmetics companies put dimethicone in their foundations to make them soft. Dimethicone clogs your pores and traps dirt and oil under your skin causing irritation and breakouts. We carry over 40 foundation tones, 60 eye shadow colors, and our makeup is available in loose and pressed form. In addition, we strive to offer competitive prices for all-natural cosmetics.

Q. What can we expect in 2014 from Color Me Natural?

A. I'm so excited about 2014. We are introducing so many new and amazing products: paraben-free mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner, lip liner, eye primer, liquid foundation, brown pencils, and more. In addition, our bath and beauty line should be ready by June. We will carry all-natural shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, deodorant, toner, lotion, moisturizer, and more. We hope to expand into retail across Oregon and SW Washington. Make sure to “like” us on Facebook.

Q. Why does some makeup make people break out, eyes water, and irritate skin?

A. Makeup can cause breakouts for several reasons. The top reasons include: fillers, preservatives, and fragrance. Talc and dimethicone clogs your pores. Parabens are used as preservatives in many cosmetics and they are known to cause skin irritation. In addition, fragrances also cause skin irritation and breakouts. Steer clear from eye shadows, mascaras, and eyeliners that contain parabens. This causes not only irritation but also watery eyes. Color Me Natural uses an all-natural preservative called Cap-5. It is gentle and non-irritating. We infuse our preservative with jojoba oil to ensure that you won't experience any skin irritation or watery eyes.

Q. How can Color Me Natural customers make the best color choices when choosing a foundation?

A. Color Me Natural offers a wide selection of mineral foundations. Knowing your undertone is very important. Many people confuse their undertone with their skin tone. Think of it this way. Your skin tone can change, but your undertone never changes. Undertones include: cool, warm, and neutral. Cool undertones are bluish and warm undertones are yellowish. There are a few methods to check your undertone. One is to look at the veins in your arm. Are they blue or green? If they are blue you are a cool tone and if they are green you are a warm tone. Does it look like your veins are in-between the two colors? You are a neutral undertone. Another way to find out your undertone is to try on jewelry. Cool undertones look great in silver and white gold while warm undertones look amazing in gold jewelry. We are working on an online tool to make this process easier.

A special thank-you to Jennifer Cerf, owner of Color Me Natural for taking the time to answer these questions. Again, make sure to check out the video, which shows you how to check to see what your undertone is, plus more! Stay tuned for part two of this article next month when Jennifer tells us more about her new venture and new products coming out from Color Me Natural in 2014. Don't forget to like Color Me Natural on Facebook.