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Gerald Dean Rice stuns readers with his new book

Book Cover Art for Where The Monsters Are
Book Cover Art for Where The Monsters Are
Gerald Dean Rice

Where the Monsters Are by Gerald Dean Rice


Where the Monsters Are” by Gerald Dean Rice is among the most captivating novelettes one will read. The old-school vibe is simply mind-blowing and will bring you back to your childhood of watching great shows such as “The Twilight Zone” and “Creepshow”.

There’s no denying that horror has been muddled throughout the years since it first took off. It went from classics like “Dracula” to the ever-so-popular horror comics of the 1950s, and these days it seems that the horror age has melded with the either the romantic era and/or the graphically gruesome aspect of stories.

Believe it or not, most horror does not need graphics and gruesome details to scare, disorientate, and please readers. In fact, sometimes it’s scarier when it doesn’t include all that. It’s also easier to get through the book and keeps the readers attention. It’s absolutely incredible how Rice captivates his audience in the thrills of the story while most authors in the same genre try to distract from their style through mindless and unnecessary violence and graphics.

Gerald Dean Rice has mastered this style; keeping his unique voice steady throughout the story. His characters will pop out at you, terrify you, latch onto your heart, and even give you a little something to relate to. Rice pulls at your innermost thoughts, and expertly crafts his story.

Rice adds the perfect amount of underlining humor to his writing, keeping the reader intrigued, horrified, laughing, and unable to turn the pages fast enough. While “Where the Monsters Are” is rather short, it’s among the most well-written stories in this nearly lost genre.

The horror comics, humorous style of terrifying readers, and slightly disorienting style of story-telling is slowly slipping away. Authors such as Gerald Dean Rice deserve the upmost praise for bringing it back and to the forefront of readers minds. Books and stories like these are rare. Countless people have tried and failed to execute this near contradictory style, Gerald Dean Rice has triumphed. He is a true writer and has obviously poured his all into this outstanding book.

Keep your eyes on the best seller’s list… his name may soon appear! It’s only $0.99 on Kindle and it’s well worth it!