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Fitness Flower helps you get in shape in the bathroom

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The Bathroom Begonia by Fitness Flower


Most of us carry on busy lives and are constantly trying to squeeze exercise in when we get a chance. Fitness trainer Estelle Shaw has created the Fitness Flower brand to make it easier to insert fitness into your daily routine. The Bathroom Begonia is a bright six petal cardboard flower that includes six exercises that combine with your bathroom routine, e.g. brushing your teeth and putting on lotion. In the middle of the flower is a sand hourglass timer can used to time two of the exercises (or to make sure your brush your teeth long enough!). The exercises are easy to do for any fitness level and help with the following areas; thighs and buns, stomach, calves, shoulders, triceps and core body strength. The Bathroom Begonia program can be completed in less than ten minutes, morning or evening.

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The first thing I learned about using the Bathroom Begonia is NOT to put it in the middle of the mirror. At first that seems convenient, until you need to see yourself. The first few times it took longer than ten minutes, mostly because I was still learning the routine. I did not necessarily use the exercises in the same context as the flower shows you. Instead of doing them while drying my hands or using dental floss, I substituted waiting for makeup primer to dry and waiting for hot rollers to set. Overall I really liked the Bathroom Begonia, if anything just having it attached to the mirror helps you to remember to exercise. The exercises are actually effective too. I noticed a difference after the first few times I used it.

Shaw has also created the Office Orchid, an insulated tumbler illustrated with six exercises that can be done around the office. The cup also comes with a bookmark showing stretches that can be done at your desk. The Fitness Flower ($24.99) and the Office Orchid ($18) are available at

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