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Far Cry 3 proves to be best shooter of the year

What did you think about Far Cry 3?
What did you think about Far Cry 3?

Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360)


This is not just any vacation to a tropical because this game is filled with terror, this is full of madness, this is filled with insanity, and this is "Far Cry 3."

Ubisoft has been rather quiet with the promotion for "Far Cry 3," what with all of the hype being built up for "Assassin's Creed III," it was probably a matter of finances that more promotion was not given to this game, but rest assured "Far Cry 3" is more than anyone could have expected.

"Far Cry 3" was released yesterday, and it delivers a "Game of the Year" performance every gamer will not want to miss.

In this terrifying, yet extremely entertaining journey to paradise, a group of friends who thought they were in the best place to have a good time, end up finding themselves fighting for their lives.

This game brings one of the best, if not the best, shooter experiences of the year, which is saying a lot considering all of the major shooters that have debuted up until now.

The third installment in this series brings some of the best scenes, cinematics and voice acting in all of gaming this year.

Animation timing with the actor's voices was spot on and the incredible game engine brings many emotions to life when playing through this amazing story.

The island of "Far Cry 3" is displayed beautifully with a detailed game engine that displays every last aspect of the world.

It's an extremely deep and rich world, filled with countless challenges and quests for players to complete.

The control scheme works just fine and allows players to adjust to the mechanics of the game seamlessly.

Ubisoft said this game was going to stand out partly because of the characters of the game, and they were not wrong at all.

Vaas, who plays the game's main antagonist, is one of the most insane and terrifying villains seen in sometime.

His dynamic and off-the-wall personality makes him extremely interesting to listen to and watch.

Michael Mando voices him and delivers a performance worth of individual recognition.

His performance was not just a voice-over; it brought the character of Vaas to life and made you really believe this man is as crazy as the script makes him out to be.

Characters are crucial in this game and do a great job of embellishing what Ubisoft wants you to see with this game, sheer madness.

Some titles put gamers in the shoes of a bonafide killer to start off, but in "Far Cry 3" Jay is not a man who is experienced in combat.

This man merely learns as he goes and eventually becomes a master assassin in the jungle, but it is refreshing to play a character who is at first a bit conflicted with the idea of killing and has to warm-up to it.

For some, that will allow them to identify with Jay a lot easier because let's face it, most people would not immediately be 100 percent onboard with murder when push came to shove.

The sense of reality, coupled with the great action of this world, provides a magnificent experience, and one wonders why this title was not pushed more prior to launch.

In the game, players will have a hard time navigating through the world unless they activate various radio towers spread throughout the island.

Once completed, the towers in the given region will show players the given area, which will allow them to hunt, find enemies and engage in various quests throughout the region more easily.

It's essentially the "Far Cry 3" version of viewpoints from "Assassin's Creed."

This is a massive world, so getting from one point to another can be a bit of a challenge, but that is why Ubisoft provides a few options for getting around.

If you choose to simply get from one place to another right away, the fast travel feature is there to help you keep up the pace.

Others may want to drive from one point to another and that is also a sufficient way to journey along.

Those who just enjoy taking in all the world has to offer by running can do so, but going that route may be considerably more difficult path given all of the wildlife and pirates around you.

This game provides an awesome level of customization and variety for choosing weapons, skills and crafting abilities.

The tremendous variety really does make this game seem like its "Borderlands," "Call of Duty" and "Assassin's Creed" all rolled into one title.

In certain missions players are presented with specific ways in which they need to eliminate targets.

Players can approach a target using stealth tactics or guns blazing or however else you may wish to do it, and the game fully supports it.

The sheer variety of side missions, main missions and open-world to wander around in, makes this game one addicting, entertaining experience.

If you thought that was it, there are two other fully developed modes to accompany the single-player campaign.

Co-Op mode provides gamers with the chance to take on enemies in an entirely new and entertaining story.

This game is awesome without the Co-Op mode, but it is that much more impressive with the entire single-player experience placed into a mode you can play with friends.

People will be able to spend hours playing with others and going through the second story this game has to offer.

Again, all of the customizable features and aspects from the single-player mode are there for the taking in Co-Op.

If that still wasn't enough, "Far Cry 3's" online, multiplayer experience is extremely well done and really provides a solid finish to the game.

Players can choose various loadouts and customize them to their own liking for optimal play.

Skills are available for upgrade as you play through the multiplayer mode and can help with things like loading quicker.

The gun variety is solid and people will be happy with all of them.

The real indicator here though, is the gameplay and game modes.

Both are great, provide hours of entertainment and competition, and the modes really provide some interesting possibilities with friends.

"Far Cry 3" provides incredible value with all of the modes it gives gamers access to, and the $60 you'll need to pay for this title is a steal when you look at the overall value.

If you don't have this game, you must get it or have someone get it for you as a gift because "Far Cry 3" ends the year in gaming with a remarkable bang.


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