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Dolph Lundgren takes on zombies in Battle of the Damned

Battle of the Damned


Action star Dolph Lundgren has been churning out the action films for years with everything from big budget theatrical releases to low budget straight to video and everything in between. Now he is taking on the most popular genre out there zombies with his lastest film Battle of the Damned. Can the always fun to watch Lundgren bring the pain to the zombie genre like he does to the straight forward action world or will this be a film ready to be put back in the grave?

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Battle of the Damned follows a soldier who leads a handful of survivors and a ragtag band of robots against an army of infected zombie like creatures following a deadly viral outbreak. Anyone going into this film pretty much knows what you are going to get so will most likely have a great time. Those thinking there is something here more than a cheesy zombie action movie will be sorely disappointed. Despite it not being released by them, this film feels just a few levels above and Asylum film with a bit better production value and of course Dolph Lundgren. Here he is a bit hit and miss. There are times where he seems to be having fun and others he just looks to be walking through the motions. The rest of the cast range from average to just bad which was pretty much expected with this film. No one is stepping into this film for anything other than to watch Lundgren kill zombies and he does plenty of that. The zombie effects are actually pretty well done, but the rest of the CGI is a bit hit and miss.

The story is pretty simple, but tries to overcomplicate it with twists and turns that were just not necessary and ended up just cluttering up the film. For these kinds of films you kind of have to leave all the bad stuff behind and just enjoy the wide variety of zombie kills even if they aren’t all that clever. Sure this isn’t Lundgren’s best film and it’s not breaking down any walls in the genre, but it still will appeal to those that love the cheesy nature of it all so grab your copy when it hits stores on February 18th on Blu-ray and DVD.

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