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DIY Dog Grooming by Jorge Bendersky

Dogs of all breeds can benefit from a proper grooming.
Dogs of all breeds can benefit from a proper grooming.
Mary Bloom - AKC

DIY Dog Grooming


DIY Dog Grooming by Jorge Bendersky is a useful book for anyone who aspires to groom their own dog. Mr. Bendersky runs a grooming salon in Manhattan and, not surprisingly, grooms many celebrity dogs. Luckily his book is aimed at the average dog owner who would love to keep his dog looking and feeling good.

DIY Dog Grooming is a useful book for any dog owner.
Deb Eldredge

DIY Dog Grooming is extremely thorough. Mr. Bendersky starts with having you determine what hair type your dog has. Certainly your dog's breed is a help but for a mixed breed, you may need to do some research and carefully evaluate the coat. He includes looking at nails, paws, ears and eyes for different care treatments.

Clear, colorful photos accompanies a discussion of grooming tools. The slicker brush is considered to be an all round basic grooming tool for most dogs. While this might be a bit harsh for very short coated dogs, it is an excellent tool for most hair coat types when it comes to removing shedding hair. Along with brushes, there are detailed descriptions of various types of combs, shears, dematting tools and nail trimmers.

Bathing a dog is often given short shrift in grooming books, but DIY Dog Grooming provides a very thorough account of how to accomplish bathing your dog. Every step from preparing your supplies ahead of time, choosing the right shampoo and conditioner all the way to rinsing and drying are explained in full detail. The "burrito wrap" is a clever way to wrap your dog in a big towel to start the drying process. It also helps to keep you dry!

Much of the book is of course devoted to trimming. Here again, Mr. Bendersky looks at different coat, head and ear types to help you decide which style will work best for your dog. Each grooming style is well illustrated with clear color photos and accompanied by a listing of tools you will need as well as a diagram of where to use what tool.

The book ends with two fun chapters. One is helpful grooming hints from your pantry – items you may have on hand that can help out in a pinch. A useful tip of canines of all sizes and types is to rub a couple of drops of olive oil into your dog’s pads if they get dry in the summer or are dried from road salts in the winter. Always wipe them afterwards with a paper towel to prevent oil stains on your floors and furniture!

The other chapter covers fun ways to "brighten" up your dog's grooming - literally. Hints for temporary stencil tattoos and for coloring your dog's nails are provided if you want to take a small step onto the "wild side".

DIY Dog Grooming retails for $24.99. It is published by Quarry Books and can be ordered directly from their website at This is a very useful book. With this in hand, the average owner can keep their dog looking good!