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Dead Space graphic novel book review (Photos)

Dead Space Graphic Novel


Three Dead Space graphic novels were released by Titan Books early last month alongside the latest video game release, Dead Space 3. The first graphic novel, simply titled "Dead Space," is written by Anthony Johnston (known best for his comic book series Wasteland which won several awards) and illustrated by Ben Templesmith who won a Spike TV Scream Award back in 2007 for Best Comic Book and a 2010 Eagle Award for "Favourite Colourist."

Picture from the Dead Space graphic novel.
Stock photo from Barnes & Noble

The Dead Space graphic novel is actually a collection of the six Dead Space comic books all under one roof. It also includes the Dead Space: Extraction comic. There are so many Dead Space-related things these days, it is tough to keep track of what is a prequel of what. The events of the comics begin prior to the events of the animated film, Downfall. Downfall takes place before (as well as during) the events of the prequel, Extraction. Then the events of the first game in the series unfold. In other words, the comics are basically a prequel to the prequels. As far as storyline goes, this makes them pretty important for die hard fans of the series who want to learn all there is to know about the Dead Space universe and its characters.

Things start off with a three-page section of character profiles, introducing you to the main protagonist of the comic series, Abraham "Bram" Howard Neumann, as well as some of the other major characters and giving you pertinent information about their backstory Don't skip these. Not only are they pretty interesting but reading them will allow you to actually know what is going on in the beginning.

Graphic novels and comics aren't just about having a cool plot. Illustration obviously plays a huge role in how enjoyable they are and artistically speaking, the Dead Space comics look amazing. Ben Templesmith did an excellent job giving them a gritty, gory, "horror-like" feeling. This is exactly what you would expect from Dead Space and the comics capture it perfectly with a realistic art style and a lot of dark, almost drab looking colors. Check out some images from the graphic novel in the slide show above.

One thing I didn't like about the book is that there are no page numbers. This makes navigating through the volumes harder than it needs to be. There is actually a table of contents at the beginning which lists page numbers for each volume but how are you supposed to actually find it when there's no page numbers to even reference? There are about 191 pages total.

The Dead Space graphic novel is currently available on Amazon for just $9.99 which is a great price for a book with this much content. I would highly recommend that any Dead Space or comic book fan pick up a copy.

Final Score: 4 /5 stars

(This review was based off a review copy of the book).


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