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'Dangerous Refuge' by Elizabeth Lowell: Romance and mystery fans will enjoy this

Lowell at her best with romance and suspense
Lowell at her best with romance and suspense
courtesy of Avon Books

Dangerous Refuge by Elizabeth Lowell


Elizabeth Lowell adds another title to her long list of romantic suspense novels with "Dangerous Refuge." Lowell sets the story in Nevada, where she and her husband live. The description of the town and the countryside is so detailed, the reader can almost feel the sandy grit in the air.

The story is pure Lowell: a strong, independent female protagonist and a similarly strong conflicted male protagonist. A rancher has died, and his nephew Tanner Davis, a California cop, has come to deal with the ranch. Shaye Townsend, a former socialite who now helps ranchers preserve their ranches for a conservancy group, is the one who found Lorne Davis' body.

Together they begin to investigate Lorne's death, and they almost immediately find there is lots of passion, not only about ranchers and the land in Nevada, but also about the heat generated by Shaye and Tanner when they are together.

Half mystery and half romance, Lowell writes with her usual combination of good dialogue, good plot, and hot sex. She includes plenty of clues regarding the dastardly killer of Lorne and another minor character and a few red herrings.

Romance readers will enjoy the progression of the relationship between the protagonists, and mystery readers will enjoy the intrigue. Satisfying all around.

Please note: This review is based on the final paperback book provided by the publisher, Avon, for review purposes.

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