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Bravo Crunchy Delights Turkey Treats - dog favorite!

Babe found these turkey treats to be lip smacking good!
Babe found these turkey treats to be lip smacking good!Deb Eldredge

Bravo Crunchy Delight Turkey Treats


Bravo Pet Foods is a company known for its fresh-frozen raw pet foods but the company is expanding. Their new line of Crunchy Delights Treats will make your dog sit up and smile for sure.

The new Bravo Crunchy Delight Turkey Treats are an excellent snack for your dog.
The new Bravo Crunchy Delight Turkey Treats are an excellent snack for your dog. Deb Eldredge

The Crunchy Delight Treats are oven baked with meat as the first ingredient. There are some healthy vegetables and a bit of quinoa in these treats but meat predominates. For example, in the Turkey version of Crunchy Delights, turkey meat is the first ingredient but turkey liver is fourth, turkey hearts are fifth and turkey gizzards show up ninth. That makes meat a fairly substantial part of these treats. No artificial preservatives are used.

The heavy meat ingredient listing is reflected in the guaranteed analysis. Crude protein is a minimum of 28 percent with crude fat a minimum of 20 percent. You can get a complete nutritional analysis, including an individual amino acids breakdown here. These are Made in the USA treats, so there is an extra element of safety built in.

The treats come in a five ounce bag with a calorie guide of 118 calories per ounce. These are rich treats! Luckily the treats break up easily so you can take one treat and break it into three or four pieces to ration out over the day. The feeding guidelines stress that you should not overfeed and that these are treats. The Crunchy Delights are not meant to be your dog's actual diet. The five ounce bags have a sturdy resealable lock so these are easily stored.

Crunchy Delight Treats will be available at any retailer that handles Bravo products. You can find a retailer here as well as online sources.

These treats were a big hit with all four test dogs. They have some crunch but were easy for even the fifteen year old Belgian Tervuren to quickly scarf down. Due to the high meat content, these are rich treats and overfeeding could lead to soft stool. The test dogs got one each but they were begging for more.

The Crunchy Delight Treats would be an excellent treat to use for special rewards such as when your dog has put in an extra effort or at the end of a training session.