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Apple Mortgage Cake, inspiring true story

Apple Mortgage Cake


What better time than Easter Sunday, the celebration of resurrection and redemption, to enjoy an inspiring modern true story of recovery?

Brought to us by UP TV, Apple Mortgage Cake is based on the true story of a single mother of three, Angela Logan, whose baking skills save her home from foreclosure – and help her boys rediscover faith and hope!

With three sons in their teens, an ex-husband who doesn’t pay child support, and a job shortage, Angela Logan (Kimberly Elise) struggles to keep things afloat; she soon finds herself confronted with foreclosure. She’d spent her life helping others at church and at a local charity, but now it looked as if she couldn’t help her own family.

Just when it looked as if everything would turn completely sour, someone had a sweet idea. Cakes. Thus, the birth of the Apple Mortgage Cake business is birthed (which, in real life, is called the Mortgage Apple Cake, Inc.).

Apple Mortgage Cake holds all the best ingredients (excuse the pun) for inspiring entertainment. Well worth seeing.

Apple Mortgage Cake premieres on UP TV on Sunday April 20th. Find details here.

This story will also appear in Assist News Service.

Janey DeMeo M.A.

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