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All I Am: Bi musician Robin Renee's new anthem to diversity

Robin Renee's new song All I Am is an anthem to diversity
Robin Renee's new song All I Am is an anthem to diversity
Curtesy of Robin Renee

"All I Am" song by Robin Renee


Bi musician Robin Renee has just released her new song, "All I Am," a catchy pop tune and anthem to people who color outside the lines of social norms. It covers sexuality, polyamory, bi-racial identity, and she encourages everyone to embrace their beautiful differences and contradictions.

The chorus affirms:

I’m gonna be All I Am

and asks listeners to join in and affirm the same for themselves.

She refuses to deny either spirituality or sexuality, either in her life or in her music:

I got a friend just over the New York line
Said "If you rock too hard, no one’ll see your spirit shine"
I knew that day I had to prove him wrong
Gonna sing the quiet and the crazy song

Similar sentiments surface in another verse:

Sex kitten Sunday, Downward Dog* Monday
I’m gonna be All I Am

This verse asserts her bold choice of polyamory:

I gave my lover a red stone ring
He’s got a box of letters from a grey-eyed fling
He reads her words, and while he’s answering
I’m gonna dance on the shore for the rites of spring
You know I dig her & he loves me
We all do our best when we're solid and free

This verse is dedicated to the diversity within each person:

This song’s for you if you like sun dresses and jeans
East Coast, West Coast, multiple scenes
To every soul surfing on the in-betweens
Sing I’m gonna be All I Am!

About “All I Am,” Renée says,

“If you have been pressured to diminish yourself by individuals or society at large for your cultural or racial identity, gender, sexuality, or for any reason, embrace yourself and take courage. You are not alone.”

A portion of proceeds from the CD Baby sales of “All I Am” will go to support the You Will Rise Project. The mission of the You Will Rise Project is to provide a multimedia showcase for people who have been bullied, to share their stories through the arts.

I'm giving this song two thumbs up plus all the other fingers on both hands!

“All I Am” is available for download on CD Baby

Learn more about Robin Renee on her website

“All I Am” words and music by Robin Renée
(C)(P) 2013 Menage a Music (BMI)

*Downward Dog is a Yoga position

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