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2012 Fringe Festival review: "Methtacular"

Steven Stafford in "Methtacular!"
Steven Stafford in "Methtacular!"
Cincinnati Fringe Festival

Methtacular! at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival


Who would have expected a song-and-dance review about a crystal meth addict? That's Fringe for you.

"Methtacular!" is a one-man show about one man's descent into the world of drug addiction and promiscuous sex in the bath houses of Chicago.

Using music, comedy and game show parody, Steven Stafford tells the story of his life, how he first began experimenting with sex and drugs as an up-and-coming actor, all alone in a big city. Stafford has an engaging persona, an excellent singing voice and good comic timing, but sometimes it seems he tries too hard from letting the story get too depressing. Just as he reaches a low point in the narrator's life, he breaks into a bit of song or comedy. It makes for a nice roller coaster ride of emotions, but the story would be more powerful if it went ahead and dwelt on the madness instead of distracting the audience from it.

Otherwise, it's an engaging, personal story, perfect for Fringe.

One performance remains: 9 p.m. Saturday June 2 at the Art Academy of Cincincinnati.

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