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  • The Preidential Medal of Freedom
    President Obama: 16 named to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom
    This year marks the 50th anniversary for the Presidential Medal of Freedom which was first established by President John F. Kennedy through an Executive Order. The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Nation’s highest civilian honor,...
  • Obama nominates Mel Watt to lead FHFA
    Obama urges Congress to help build stronger housing market
    Echoing his message in a speech earlier this week in Phoenix, Ariz., in his weekly address on Saturday President Barack Obama praised the progress the housing market has made in its recovery over the past four years, calling on Congress to work to...
  • cell
    Jailed: GOP candidate hit with jail time for voter fraud
    A Republican candidate who ran for a Massachusetts state House seat in 2012 has been sentenced to a year in jail after he pled guilty to voter fraud.During the 2012 election, Jack Villamaino ran in the Republican primary for a state House seat in...


  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton and a young buxom blond go viral
    As Hillary Clinton grabs occasional headlines for contemplating a run for her husband’s former position as president of the United States, husband Bill revisits headlines involving women that a married man is best not making or revisiting....
  • Michael Moore
    Wealthy filmmaker Michael Moore congratulates Cuba for 'winning' against U.S.
    On Wednesday, outspoken filmmaker Michael Moore congratulated Cuba for "winning" against the United States in response to news that President Obama ordered the restoration of diplomatic relations with the Communist nation. The...
  • Idso Book cover
    Shame on the deniers of CO2 benefits
    Not a day goes by in the media that doesn’t “catastrophize” the effects of carbon dioxide, that colorless, odorless gas that exists at trace levels in the atmosphere. Lest we believe the bad while ignoring the good, let us look...


  • President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
    Polls: Obama leading in Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio
    New polls released today by Public Policy Polling (PPP), show President Barack Obama leading Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in three key battleground states. The new polls show the President leading in Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio.Ohio...
  • Obama Romney Debate
    A breakdown of the most recent Obama versus Romney polls
    With new polls released over the last 24 hours showing President Obama doing gaining on Mitt Romney the national race is now tied with just five days until the the presidential election. Romney has led in the national polls for much of the last...
  • President Obama
    Updated polls: Obama expanding swing state lead, national race tight
    The election is down to its final days and President Obama and Mitt Romney are making their final push to put them over the top on Tuesday.Like a roller coaster, the 2012 presidential election has had its ups, downs and ins and outs. Both...