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  • Racism in America
    Learning to appreciate racial and cultural diversity
    Happy Thanksgiving.There is a story by CNN today that discusses the nature of racism and racial bias. It implies that people are born with racial bias, that is we are comfortable being around people who are most like ourselves. There is something...
  • Feeding a silent guest
    A Thanksgiving gift for Syria's war victims
    The war in Syria has caused a hunger emergency in the Middle East. On Thanksgiving Eve it was announced that the U.S. Food for Peace program is donating US $125 million to feed the war victims.The donation will go to the UN World Food Programme ...
  • Obama pardons turkey
    Only ‘progressive’ turkeys thankful for Opposite Day role reversal
    This is my traditional "Night of the Evil Butterball"Thanksgivingessay fromThe War on Guns.Attacks by roving flocks of wild turkeys are on the increase around suburbanBoston--APTime was, theturkeywas considered a game bird. The Pilgrims...

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  • Baseball fever year-round in Schenectady
    Burning the baseball hot stove and supporting the community
    Every other Thursday morning, a unique social group gathers for breakfast at the Glenville Queen Diner. For two hours these locals indulge in omelets, pancakes, coffee, and their deep-rooted, common interest: baseball. Many have played the game,...
  • Ukraine court allows confiscation and nationalization of Russian pipeline
    Ukraine court allows confiscation and nationalization of Russian pipeline
    In what will most certainly be a move that will only increase tensions between Russia and the West, a Ukrainian court ruled on Nov. 26 that the state can go ahead and confiscate and nationalize 1433 kilometers of Russian pipelines that run through...
  • Tokinu
    Are you scared that maybe someday your online accounts would get hacked or compromised, and all of your security details and private information would be well, not so private anymore. These important and private information about you shouldn&rsquo...