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  • Happy Libertarian 4th
    Revisiting The 4th of July Candlelight Vigil
    Five years ago in this space an article asked if it was time to change the 4th of July celebrations into a candlelight vigil. The reason was simple: At that time America was 235 years removed from its original, unique and revolutionary experiment...
  • Benghazi patriots vs. Hillary's spin
    Benghazi patriots vs. Hillary's spin
    When honest historians look back at the terrorist attacks on Benghazi, one inescapable truth will shine through. American patriots risked everything to save Americans' lives while DC politicians discussed whether the Libyans would be offended...
  • Clinton has an overwhelming chance of winning the election
    Nate Silver predicts Clinton will win election in a landslide
    FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver is almost never wrong, and now he is predicting a landslide election. Silver appeared on ABC's Good Morning America Wednesday morning, June 29, 2016, where he announced presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary...

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