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  • Dr. Ben Carson 2013 CPAC
    Dr. Ben Carson lashes out at GLBT communities with "absolutely a choice" remarks
    Dr. Ben Carson, a potential Republican candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2016, shocked host Chris Cuomo on CNN Wednesday morning, and many viewers, by claiming that discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons and...
  • holder
    Sour grapes in Ferguson
    It was no great shock that the U.S. Department of Justice has concluded that Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson did nothing wrong in the shooting death of escaping robber Michael Brown. It's also not great shock that the various ...
  • Trey Gowdy
    House committee issues subpoenas for Clinton emails
    House committee investigating Benghazi chairman Trey Gowdy called recent revelations that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used multiple personal email accounts to conduct government business as troubling. Trey Gowdy on Wednesday reported that...

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  • NYSE March 4, 2015
    Chicago 2015 family office trends event
    IvyPlus Family Office Network (ivyFON) Presents:2015 Family Office TrendsivyFON will host a seminar on 2015 Family Office Trends. This event is oriented towards persons in the Family Office industry working primarily for single family offices,...
  • Art Stream: Using Motion to Attract Viewers to Purchase Fine Art
    Art Stream: using motion to attract viewers to purchase fine art
    If you have ever watched a Ken Burns documentary you have seen the Ken Burns effect. Burns successfully used the technique of slow panning and zooming and fading transitions between frames to put static images into motion.But what if this method...
  • School Team Spirit Items and Products
    The Best Idea to Celebrate School Sports Day
    School days are full of fun, entertainment, studies and lot more. But, if you will ask the students about the best time of the school year, most of them will say – school sports day. It is the time, when the students get united to cheer the...