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What presidential candidates should be asking themselves

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An article in The Hill this Saturday morning by Alexandra Jaffe poses the question, “Why not run?” She is referring to Election 2016 GOP hopefuls. Here is a spoiler, Jaffe only talks about the personal hardship and risk of running and says nothing about what it takes to become an effective president. She looks at the topic from a potential candidate’s view and not from the voters’ perspective. So, let’s fill in the blanks.

The first question to be answered by each and every prospective candidate is: “Why am I a superior candidate for becoming President of the United States?”

Surely, a candidate must want the job with a passion. That passion should be driven by duty, honor, and country with a strong desire to serve citizens by seeking to optimize return in national resources. Correct?

Of course candidates must make personal sacrifices as well as their family members. Candidates and their families come under close scrutiny.

When running for president, a candidate must assemble a campaign organization, and in that organization will be likely candidates for appointment to the administration executive positions should the candidate win. Preparing for and managing a campaign is a rehearsal for putting together all of the pieces of the executive agenda such that candidates can describe their presidency to prospective voters. Candidates must be ready to govern on day 1 in office.

  • What do candidates believe are superior qualifications and credentials for becoming a superior performing President of the United States?
  • What do they know and understand about the governance process in the American political system?
  • How do they describe their management approach to governing the American government enterprise?
  • What do they have to say about producing the primary outcomes expected and required by American citizens?
  • What do they see as the most daunting challenges and priorities?

When it comes down to it at this stage of the process, American voters should ask to see these things:

1. Resume

2. Essay on American governance

3. Why a candidate will be a superior performer as President of the United States

Now, you can read Alexandra Jaffe’s article at The Hill.

“Why not run? The pluses and pitfalls for 2016 GOP hopefuls
By Alexandra Jaffe

Many Republicans with an eye on the White House in 2016 may be asking themselves “Why not run?” when pondering a presidential bid.

Their party is at a crossroads with no clear frontrunner among more than a dozen candidates, and such a fluid field offers both fresh faces and old hands their best shot at the nomination they may never get.
But even with a tantalizing, wide open field, there’s still plenty of risks that run the gamut from the personal to the political if a candidate does take the plunge.

Families, private relationships and day jobs are all upended by a White House bid. Rising stars could diminish their stature with a disappointing performance, while re-runs may end up known in the history books not as statesmen or former senators but a multiple loser.

As R.C. Hammond, former spokesman for Newt Gingrich’s losing 2012 bid put it, with a presidential run, “you can fail as much as you can succeed.”

Read more:

1. Resume
1. Resume

1. Resume

Here is what I did. I reconstructed all of the resumes of all of the former presidents to see how they appeared before being elected to the highest office. From that, I produced an analysis of each, and then produced an aggregate summary. It is revealing, however, the past does not portend what is required now and into the future. Read this column to learn more as we ramp toward Election 2016,

2. Essay on American governance
2. Essay on American governance

2. Essay on American governance

Would you not want to know how a candidate intends to govern in a superior manner? Let's ask them to write an essay to explain it. Give to them 1500 words to do it. The World Institute for Peace does this with students; it is most appropriate to require it from presidential candidates. We the People will grade the papers.

3. Why a candidate will be a superior performer as President of the United States
3. Why a candidate will be a superior performer as President of the United States

3. Why a candidate will be a superior performer as President of the United States

Garbage in, garbage out. We saw a lot of candidates the last election, and most were losers and not close contenders. American voters deserve better, and that is why it is imperative for voters to improve the selection and election process.