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Six analytics tools every Internet Marketer should be using

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I recently helped a friend set up an analytics account and get him started in social media analytics for his various social media profiles. The level of insights he obtained through the tool shocked him. He realized that though he had high interaction on his social media profiles, his conversion rate was still quite low as he had been targeting the wrong wrong audience. The audience that was visiting his website through these social profiles was never going to buy his product.

Since we are living in the age where data is everywhere and making sense of it has become the primary requisite to succeed, I thought I'll share some of the best Internet Marketing and Data Analytics tools out there.

HootSuite David Frankk


With Hootsuite you can manage the most prominent social profiles under one dashboard. Its uses its own domain to shorten and monitor links, and provides in-depth analysis of the interaction with potential customers. It also provides manual as well as automatic scheduling of posts and allows the user to post the same message on different platforms simultaneously.

Account Type: Free and Paid (subscription)

Google Analytics
Google Analytics David Frankk

Google Analytics

The mention of tech giants Google is inevitable when we talk about data over the internet. The plethora of information stored in Google's servers can provide insights that are unimaginable to us. Google Analytics reports usage information of a website. Being a service of Google, it lets the user know the searched keyword through which a visitor entered the website.

Account Type: Free and Paid (subscription)

Moz David Frankk


The most popular SEO tool in the market, Moz assigns a unique Moz Rank to a website and its pages that describes the SEO friendliness of the website. Some highly experienced SEOs consider the MozRank a better metric to judge a page's SEO friendliness than Google's Page Rank. It provides a website's rank for various keywords on popular search engines, the attention your website obtains on social media websites, and actionables to optimize your website.

Account Type: First month free, $99 - $599 / month later

KISSmetrics David Frankk


The tools allows highly-flexible custom data with an extremely simple API. It focuses on people and has a memory with which it tracks various metrics like funnel visualization, real time visitors and cost-per-click. If you are looking for advanced tracking and analysis, and do not have a low budget constraint, Kissmetrics is the tool for you.

Account Type: $150 - $599 / month

CrazyEgg David Frankk


The most versatile tool in the market at the moment, CrazyEgg allows you to build heat maps to track visitor behavior on your website. It provides a deep analysis of your website's design, by showing you which part of a website users are clicking the most through heat maps and vision tracking. A great tool to increase your conversion rate.

Account Type: $9 - $99 / month (30 day money-back guarantee)

Compete David Frankk


Is a great tool for businesses looking to understand how users interact with their brand online. Compete allows marketers to see how effective their Media campaign is. It makes good use of technologies like Big Data to gain key insights that allow a business to reach greater levels of brand equity.

Account Type: Paid (Prices vary depending on account)


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