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Pitch your book to editors at SavvyAuthors

Trying to catch the eye of an editor? Well, now's your chance! Lauri Wellington, Editor at Black Opal Books will be reading pitches today.
Trying to catch the eye of an editor? Well, now's your chance! Lauri Wellington, Editor at Black Opal Books will be reading pitches today.

There’s just over a week remaining for the Savvy Authors Pitch Perfect event and today, Black Opal Books is accepting 3-line pitches.

30 Pitches in 30 Days is a Savvy Authors event that has been going on this April (sorry I just discovered it!) with 30 publishers taking pitches, one each day. SavvyAuthor members will have an opportunity to post their 3-line pitch. Results will be posted within two weeks.

Trying to catch the eye of an editor? Well, now's your chance! Lauri Wellington, Editor at Black Opal Books will be reading pitches today. Black Opal Books is looking for all genres, especially erotic, romance, but takes all genres with the exception of poetry and children’s books.

Who can enter?

Contest is open to all registered members of Savvy Authors. Not a member? Join Savvy Authors Today! Basic membership is free! All entries must be from registered members. Entries posted anonymously (by non-members) will be removed.

The rules are simple:

1. Post your 3-line pitch, include at the top the Title, Genre, & Word Count.

2. Make sure your manuscript falls within the genres listed above!

3. Only post if your manuscript is ready now!

4. Check back to see who our Editor/Agent picked! Results posted within two weeks. (Minimum of one, no maximum!)

5. Limit two pitches per member.

6. Be sure to include your name, title, genre and word count of your manuscript.

Who is Black Opal Books?

Black Opal Books is a boutique small press, dedicated to producing quality books for readers and helping both experienced and debut authors find a home for those stories that just have to be told. They are dedicated to producing well-written, properly-edited books and to providing both experienced and debut authors an outlet for their works they might not otherwise have.

They publish in both ebook and print formats and are committed to returning more of the profits to our authors. Currently, They handle all genres of romance, as well as women's fiction, chick lit, mysteries, thrillers, YA, erotic romance, and limited non-fiction. Black Opal Books is dedicated to publishing well-written, properly-edited books, and to helping authors find a home for those stories that just have to be told.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Black Opal Books was founded by people who thought the publishing industry could do more for both readers and authors. So they formed Black Opal Books and gave it a two-fold mission: produce high-quality, well-edited books for readers, while helping authors achieve their dreams, as well as a higher percentage of royalties.

Who is editor Lauri Wellington?

Lauri Wellington has been a professional editor for over ten years, first as a freelance editor then as a non-fiction, technical writing editor and now as an acquiring editor for Black Opal Books. She has a BA in special education and taught disabled as well as gifted children for a number of years before switching to a less-stressful career. She loves working with authors, especially with new authors because they are so willing to learn. She’s a single mother of four pre-teen children. When not working or tending her children, she takes night classes at the local community college, working toward her master’s in education.

What is SavvyAuthors? is a website dedicated to writers. They strive to provide the best tools, classes, and networking opportunities for authors in all stages of their career. The SavvyAuthor website provides mentoring, sharing, high quality opportunities for publication, promotion, and advancement along with a strong writer’s network with a lot of fun along the way. SavvyAuthors is all about writing and helping writers become better writers.

Where do we pitch?

Post your pitch as a reply here: Pitch Your Book to Lauri Wellington, Editor at Black Opal Books

Who’s next?

Thursday’s pitch opportunity is to Peter Knapp at Park Literary. His blog opens at 10pm CST on April 24 and closes at 10:59 pm CST on April 25.

Click here to see the entire schedule of publishers taking pitches.

Who’s pitches have scored a request?

Janie Bill, In a Flash
Anne Cleasby, Children of Poseidon: Lykos
Susan Burns, Dancing Dragons
Susan Burns, Forbidden Playground
Melanie McCarthy, Secret Enchantress
Melanie McCarthy, Firestorm
Heather Sheldon , I BECAME
Cassandra Shaw, Grave Robber for Hire

And many more! To check out which pitches have been requested, click here.

Ready to pitch?

Then get your pitch to Lauri Wellington at Black Opal Books today! Her pitching schedule closes at 10:59pm CST today.

See the list for other pitching opportunities on the April Pitch Perfect Schedule webpage.

** Join the fun next Monday, April 29, 2013, at as we delve into Worldbuilding Wizardry, my latest online class for writers of all genres. **

Black Opal Books
Black Opal Books

Black Opal Books

Lauri Wellington, editor at Black Opal Books, is today's Pitch Perfect opportunity!

Black Opal Books accepts all romance genres, including paranormal and erotic, as well as YA, Women's Fiction, Chick Lit, Historicals, Mysteries, and Thrillers. So if it has romance in it, it's a mystery, a thriller, or it's YA, they want to see it. They also accept nonfiction.

Black Opal Books currently has two categories of story length for fiction: Novella: 15,000 - 45,000 word count Novel: 45,000 & up.

What's cool about Black Opal Books?

Their royalties start at 45% for both ebooks and print! And their royalties can go as high as 70%.

Black Opal Books is having a huge sale that started Friday, April 12, 2013, and goes until Tuesday April 30, 2013, to celebrate the launch of our new site. All eBooks will be $1.00 off and all print books will be $2.00 off.

Visit Black Opal Books at and don't delay getting your pitch to them at today!

The Park Literary Group, LLC
The Park Literary Group, LLC

The Park Literary Group, LLC

The Park Literary Group represents fiction and nonfiction with a boutique approach: an emphasis on servicing a relatively small number of clients, with the highest professional standards and focused personal attention.

The Park Literary Group is a literary agency (not a publisher) handling authors such as Nicholas Sparks, Debbie Macomber, Emily Griffin, and Paul Strathern

Editor Peter Knapp is currently building his client list, focusing on the middle grade and young adult markets. Prior to joining Park Literary, he was the story editor at Floren Shieh Productions, where he consulted on book-to-film adaptations for Los Angeles-based film and TV entities. He graduated from New York University with a B.A. in art history.

For middle grade and young adult submissions to Peter Knapp, please include a query letter and the first three chapters or up to 10,000 words of your novel (no synopsis necessary).

Catch Agent Peter Knapp Thursday, April 25, 2013 at!

Jupiter Gardens Press
Jupiter Gardens Press

Jupiter Gardens Press

Jupiter Gardens Press focuses on Romance and all its subgenres-regency, comedy, paranormal, contemporary, historical, suspense, urban fantasy, and teen, as well as Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult, and nonfiction Metaphysical.

Jupiter Gardens Press was founded in January of 2007 by Mary K. Wilson. A metaphysical writer for several years, Mary has an avid interest in spirituality. Their goal is to create a boutique publisher known for its hands-on approach to working with authors, author friendly processes, and quality books and writing.

Jupiter Gardens Press is listed as a non-subsidy, non-vanity publisher with the RWA. We are also listed as a small press with SCWBI.

Owner and Editor Mary Wilson has written written over fifty erotic romance novels and novellas. She’s worked with nine publishers, including some of the largest and best in the digital-first publishing industry.. She's practiced Wicca for over twenty years.

Wilson wants all genres and heat levels of romance, fantasy, science fiction, young adult, and nonfiction metaphysical manuscripts.

Pitch to Mary Wilson Friday, April 26, 2013, at! (Yes, there are two agencies to pitch to this Friday.)

Carina Press
Carina Press

Carina Press

Carina Press editors--Melissa Johnson, Deb Nemeth, Gina Bernal, Krista Stroever, and Megan Records--will be participating in 30 Pitches in 30 Days at on Friday, April 26.

Carina Press publishes New Adult and Contemporary Crack. (What the heck is that?)

Megan Records likes tortured heroes, dark Paranormals with fantastic worldbuilding, flirty and fun Contemporaries, Historicals with unconventional elemetns, Steampunk with strong Romance, and anything awesome.

Deb Nemeth is looking for fresh voices from authors who’ll write multiple books in the same genre to build their readership like high-octane Romantic Suspense and Thrillers, sweeping Historical Romance, Steampunk, brain-teasing Mysteries, Contemporary Romance, and SF/F, particularly high/epic fantasy and futuristic suspense.

Gina Bernal loves Romance of all subgenres, from sweet to spicy. She's always on the lookout for unusual Historicals (whether in setting, theme or character), high-emotion Contemporaries, and Paranormal or Fantasy romances showcasing strong world building or unique universes. She's been craving lush settings like renaissance Italy or an atmospheric gaslight fantasy.

Melissa Johnson looks for books with characters who fascinate and challenge each other. She’d love them to be part of a fleshed-out world, whether fantasy, historical or contemporary, and she loves when the story and characters reveal interesting subcultures. Lately she’s been wanting to see an uptight and restrained hero who learns how to let loose a bit from the heroine, also a heroine from a humble background who rises to a position of power and blends her world with that of a powerful hero.

Pitch your story to Carina Press Editors this Friday, April 26, 2013 at! Good luck!

Soul Mate Publishing
Soul Mate Publishing

Soul Mate Publishing

Soul Mate Publishing specializes in high-quality Romance in both ebook and print.

Editor Char Chaffin welcomes all genres, and is constantly on the lookout for imaginative, edgy, romantic passion that will sweep her away. Paranormal/fantasy is also a favorite of hers. She has over ten years’ writing and critique experience, belongs to several writing groups and is a member of RWA, including Alaska Romance Writers, RWA-Women’s Fiction, and Central NY Romance Writers. She is an avid reader with a fondness for horror and science-fiction as well as romance and erotica.

Contact Char at

Meet Char Chaffin and pitch your romantic novel to her this Saturday, April 27, at!


Sourcebooks fiction imprint, Sourcebooks Landmark, publishes a wide variety of authors and titles.

Sourcebooks is actively acquiring single-title and single-title series Romance fiction (90,000 to 120,000 actual digital words) for our Casablanca imprint. We are looking for strong writers who are excited about marketing their books and building their community of readers, and whose books have something fresh to offer in the genre of Romance.

Deb Werksman is looking for single title romance in all subgenres, as well as historical and women's fiction.

Pitch to Deb Werksman next Monday, April 29, at!

L Perkins Agency
L Perkins Agency

L Perkins Agency

The L Perkins Agency was founded by Lori Perkins, a former newspaper publisher and editor, and specializes in various genres. Currently five agents represent approximately 200 authors.

Agent Emily Keys has a growing list of clients and is also the Contracts and Foreign Rights Manager. She’s very passionate about YA and teen novels and is looking to acquire in that area.

Previously, she was a Contracts Administrator at Simon & Schuster, Inc. and a writer for “The World Almanac for Kids.” She is a graduate of the NYU Publishing program and knowledgeable about many areas of publishing, and an expert on all things “Sweet Valley.”

Emily Keyes is looking for Middle grade and young adult (all genres), women's fiction, fantasy, science fiction, popular culture and humor. View Emily's blog here.

Pitch to Emily Keyes Friday, May 3, 2013, at!


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