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Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge: season 1, episode 4 - Heads Up

The final sculpts
The final sculpts

In yesterday's episode, the Creature Brief is to create and build a fantasy creature that has been slain and is now mounted on a wizard's wall. It will come back to life to discuss how it died and how it feels about its fate. The contestants also must integrate hand puppetry and at least some element of mechanization. This time the designers are going solo.

The final sculpts
The final sculpts Syfy

The final sculpts

Since Jake won the Brief last time, he gets to pick the base sculpts first.

  • Jake (Bear): A troll who is now a key holder.
  • Robert (Warthog): A camelesque creature that's more of a hippy.
  • Ben (Horse): An old man tree
  • Melissa (Goat): A sea serpent, the Loch Ness monster's cousin.
  • Ivonne (Honey Badger): A predator who doesn't hide.
  • Russ (Cow): A minotaur.
  • Lex (Lion): A big, mean Chupacabra-type thing.

The Shop Master this week is the creature shop's creative supervisor, Pete Brooke. After showing their sculpts, the mold makers create the mold for the puppets. Jake struggles with mechanization (a bad sign) as does Lex. Robert, on the other hand, is the one to beat, which worries Ben. Ivonne doesn't even know how to fit her mechanics into her honey badger's head. With so many designers struggling, it seems like it's down to Ben, Jake, and Robert.

Ben sculpts Sherman
Ben sculpts Sherman Syfy

Ben sculpts Sherman

The judges consist of Kirk Thatcher, Beth Hathaway, and head judge Brian Henson. The surprise guest playing the wizard is Donald Faison, of Scrubs fame. And the characters are:

Sherman Oakmeyer (Ben):

I've been here for a thousand years! I seen all the wizards the mages and sorceresses and sorceri and then that stupid groundskeeper chopped my head off. What's that? Is that a termite?

Aah! (Ivonne)

One dark and stormy night I spied a large cage. It was an aviary. After I'd had my fill, I fell asleep, then when I woke up for some reason I couldn't feel anything.

Fenrez (Jake)

...And I never ate marmalade again! Hi! I am Fenrez, the Frost Troll. I come from a magical land of snow banks and ice castles. I found a wizard here in this forest, and one day I chopped down the mightiest tree I could find, which was his friend, and he got mad and cut off my head, and now I can't pee.

Minotaur (Russ)

Oh man. Oh, this is terrible in here! (attempts to get the minotaur's breath fresher end with the wizard French kissing the's complicated)

Jasper (Robert)

Aw, dude! Is there a party tonight? You got any oregano left from the last party? Okay, like I was throwing you another one of my epic parties being your party planner and all, and suddenly your cousin like tripped on your wand and like totally blew my body away dude.

Orson (Melissa)

I live in a cave at the bottom of Loch Ness. That is until one day my brilliant cousin Nessille got the idea to go up to the surface. Oh sorry, I'm sure you know her as Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. Oh everyone's such a big fan of Nessie!

Chupacadabra (Lex)

How are you? Well, feeling a little funny after that teleportation snafu. I was just sitting there. He thought "Well what a wonderful idea let's just try teleportation shall we?" And so he put me in a box and I popped my head out to say "And where in fact am I going--" and POOF! My body was gone and my head remains on this wall.

Jake and Robert
Jake and Robert Syfy

Jake and Robert


  • Russ: Eyes not mechanized.
  • Lex: Muppet eyes, just black dots because the eye mechanism wasn't finished in time.

Top Designs

  • Jake: Big problem with the eyes not working, and bouncy horns.
  • Robert: Great sculpt, but pop-eyed.


  • Ben: Just one problem with one of the eyes opening/closing unnaturally

Bottom Design

  • Melissa: Paint job is poor, doesn't look aquatic, not enough glossiness to make him a sea monster.

Going Home

  • Ivonne: Despite her problem with the eyes, she never even got around to finishing the ears.
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