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How to easily connect to your Guardian Angel

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Whether you are a religious person or a spiritual person or just someone who say's they have a lot of “faith” most all of us believe we have a guardian angel or someone who watch's over us. We hear those words of encouragement in the back of our minds, we feel the little tingle on the back of our neck or on our arms when we're getting a special message from an unseen force.

Most people would say it's intuition and maybe it is, but what about those deeper messages? What about those messages that are clearly given when we ask or are in need of a little motivation? What about those moments when we are asking for guidance or assistance from God or our guardian angels and we feel it is truly a powerful and spiritual form of transmission?

Guardian Angels come to us in many forms. There are the spiritual guardians that we are talking about here and there are the physical one's, those who show up in our daily lives, every day when we least expect it. The lady down the street who helps us mend a broken heart. The fireman who helped us when the new kitten got caught in a storm drain. The police officer who helped when someone you loved was hurt in an accident. We will talk about those amazing angels in our next "how to section" with greater depth.

We, as spiritual beings are part of the Divine and the Divine is part of us and therefore our spiritual link to that frequency is permanently connected. Our reception to that frequency is only as strong as we want it to be so, it's up to each of us, individually, to respond when our Angels are speaking to us.

This connection is rooted in our faith, in our belief systems, in our DNA and in who we are as a spiritual being.

Let's look at how we might connect to, receive, and give, energy to our spirit guides.

Lady Chakra
Lady Chakra Photobucket

Lady Chakra

Step One:
Sacred space is important to have when connecting to your Guardian Angel. Just as you would during regular meditation sessions you would need quiet, private, and comfortable surroundings that are conducive to clearing and calming the mind. Sacred space is conducive to helping you connect in deeper prayer. Meditate daily to keep a continuous open connection to your Guardian Angel. Your guardian can help you with so many of your daily questions. Psychics and Mediums use help from their guides when doing work with people in crisis and/or those seeking to get answers from lost loved ones, or just hard pressed questions on choices in life.

Angel comforting man
Angel comforting man Photobucket

Angel comforting man

Step Two:
Keep your body free from drugs. Drugs inhibit the natural connection between our physical body and the connection with spirit. Drugs dull the senses and inhibit a solid foundation with our divine spark. Trust in purity of heart and in sincere love with your Angels. Your guardian angels will protect you, love you and bear your pain and suffering if you ask them to. They are with you to help you, all you need do is ask. They know your sorrow, your pain, your loss and sadness but you must ask before they can help you.

Candles of the night
Candles of the night Courtesy of Two Wings

Candles of the night

Step Three:
Keep a positive attitude and an open mind. Keeping negativity our of our thoughts helps us to bring more positive energy into our life and aides in the connection with our guides in the giving and receiving of divine intervention. Know that what ever your petition is that is it taken care of. Turn it all over and trust in your Angels to take it and that grace is given.

Watching over the children
Watching over the children Courtesy of From the Pews

Watching over the children

Step Four:
Maintain a healthy diet of mind, body, and spirit. Obtaining these things are as simple as devoting time to prayer, relaxation, meditation, exercise, and eating healthy foods. To maintain a healthy connection to our guides we must maintain a health body inside and out. Be receptive to receiving messages from your Guardian Angel and aware of what they may be trying to express to you. Our spiritual connections speak to us daily in a variety of ways such as sounds, intense feelings, smells and signs around us. If we feed negativity in our thoughts and actions we will block the positive energy that is needed to maintain our connection to guides.  Believe in yourself and in your faith. Believe in your Angels and they will be there to help you.

Universal Love of Earth
Universal Love of Earth Photobucket

Universal Love of Earth

Step Five:
We all have heavenly guardian angels. They are with us from the moment we take our first breath and they are with us when we cross over and this physical body dies. Don't stress over asking to much. They give us unconditional love and are with us at all times. Ask for help, believe and have faith that your answer is coming, be thankful, keep asking until you feel you have heard and understood what your guardian is telling you, and accept that your connection is divine and understood.