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'Fuse' interview: The game that will be giving 'Borderlands' a run for its money

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By now, most of you have heard about the upcoming game from Insomniac Games called Fuse, and if you haven't, you should keep it on your radar for one of the biggest hits all year long.

Some folks have doubted the release of new IP at the end of a console cycle, but the truth is, there is no wrong time to let out a new franchise. With the plethora of new series being released this year, Fuse is among the games that could be challenging the addictiveness that Borderlands 2 brought to gamers last year.

Previous work that has come out of Insomniac Games over years past were titles like Ratchet and Clank and Resistance. The work on those titles has certainly prepared the studio for the work they have done on Fuse.

In an interview with, Ted Price, who is the CEO of Insomniac Games, spoke about their upcoming IP, and the influence previous Insomniac titles have had on the development of this game.

"I think the number one thing was our dedication to exotic weapons. When brainstorming, those two different franchises, really helped us with Fuse.

"Instead of going broad like Ratchet and Clank and Resistance, we wanted to create deep architects with these four characters," Price said.

Ted referenced the massive amounts of weapons they had to choose from when it came to guns from previous titles.

"I think looking back at the weapons we've used in the past, which one worked well and which ones we got rid of, we had plenty to reference back to.

"When it comes to using weapons in the third person, and having gone through a variety of weapons with Ratchet and Clank, it allowed us plenty of choice with Fuse. There are major expectations from Insomniac fans to have unique weapons, and we think this game has a very unique flavor," Price said.

For those who have not had the chance to play the demo of Fuse, it is available now on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Do yourself a favor and play it because it is loads of fun and will help with determining whether or not you wish to buy the game.

From personal experience, the demo proved to be fun, challenging and it had an extremely familiar addictiveness that people found in Borderlands 2. While some of you may respond negatively to that assertion, rest assured, the demo proves that point.

Price said that in addition to providing a strong taste of what Fuse is like, he wanted players to see that it wasn't what some people falsely said it was.

"The key idea was this is not a dark, grim military shooter. We wanted to demonstrate that this game has a lot of color and it also has humor.

"Too many people have assumed this game doesn't have humor and that's not the case. It was cool to have fans play the game and actually acknowledge that fact.

"The demo used earlier code than the final game, so it isn't what the final product will be. We haven't gotten any strong feedback about the game's tuning and features. So far we are really happy with how the features have come out.

"People are really discovering the progression system. We've tried to go deeper than most first-person shooters," Price said.

The rest of the interview with Ted can be found through the list link below and above.

Fuse's LEAP wasn't such an easy decision
Fuse's LEAP wasn't such an easy decision

Fuse's LEAP wasn't such an easy decision

Some developers can have a difficult time when it comes to deciding whether or not they want a certain feature put into a game, and LEAP for Fuse was no different.

This feature allows players to jump from one member of the squad to another one during open combat.

Price said there was a lot of discussion about this idea and that it ultimately came down to wanting to break the mold of what previous games have established before Fuse.

"We had a lot of arguments internally about it. There was a concern that if we let you play with multiple characters, you wouldn't identify closely with any of them.

"We were interested in breaking the mold of what first-persons are. We decided let's make sure gamers have a lot more choice. We prototyped LEAP and realized it is a lot of fun. If you're someone who likes single player, this is a great way to have the most amount of choice," Price said.

Appeal and the end of a generation
Appeal and the end of a generation

Appeal and the end of a generation

Fans of studios sometimes react differently or negatively to new titles, especially when a company has beloved franchises like Ratchet and Clank and Resistance, but Insomniac wanted to appeal to a broader base as well.

"We wanted to appeal to people who like to play with their friends," Price said. "I think Fuse stands out because it leans toward that co-op experience."

The co-op experience proved to be extremely popular with last year's Borderlands 2, and Fuse seems to be hitting similar notes.

Price then acknowledged the difficulty he and his team are facing when it comes to bringing a new IP out at the end of a console cycle.

"It's clearly coming out at the end of a console life cycle. We'll wait and see how it goes. We've been very transparent about the evolution of the game.

"Educating people when it comes to a new IP is difficult to do, particularly at the end of a life cycle," Price said.

Fuse was never a next-gen thought
Fuse was never a next-gen thought

Fuse was never a next-gen thought

Whenever a new title has been announced over the past year, many speculated as to whether or not it would be a next-generation game, but with Fuse, they had no idea new consoles were coming when they started development on it.

"When we began developing the game, we had no idea when new consoles were going to arrive," Price said. "We decided early to port Fuse to the Xbox 360 and PS3 because we wanted to deliver a great experience for players on both consoles."

Price then discussed how it's hard for every title to gain a segment of the market as gamers are always distracted with one thing or another.




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