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8 eco friendly swimsuit firms for looking good and protecting the environment

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Temperatures are warming up and many Bakersfield residents are heading for the beaches or getting their swimming pools ready for another hot spring and summer. The prospects of 80° F, 90° F, and 100+° F temperatures here in the San Joaquin Valley have many thinking of ways to cool off and have fun despite the extreme heat.

Did you know that you can enjoy the warm temperatures even more by choosing swimwear that is manufactured in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner? There are many swimwear companies that offer complete lines of bathing suits and associated beach clothing made using recycled materials, environmentally friendly fabrics and dyes, and sustainable products.

Here are eight examples of such companies, along with links for more information on them.

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Odina Surf
Odina Surf Odina Surf Facebook page / Fair Use

Odina Surf

Odina Surf makes environmentally friendly swimwear for women who want a fashionable bikini. Its line is eco friendly in that it is made with certified recycled plastics, organic fabrics and reclaimed textiles. Designed and made in California, Odina's focus in on "bringing fashion, function and sustainability to bikinis."

Cali Dreaming
Cali Dreaming Cali Dreaming Facebook page / Fair Use

Cali Dreaming

Cali Dreaming's collection of swimwear utilizes natural pigments, simple styles, and minimal hardware. The result is a product that blends with the wearer's own skin tones, making the suits seem to disappear. Consequently, its products may also be used as undergarments. Emphasizing a woman's own natural curves, Cali Dreaming's swimsuits allow the wearer to appear nearly naked at first glance.

Eco Swim by Aqua Wear
Eco Swim by Aqua Wear Eco Swim Facebook page / Fair Use

Eco Swim by Aqua Wear

Eco Swim by Aqua Care produces quality swimwear designed, tested, and made in the USA from recycled materials. Its mission is to provide fashionable, excellent quality, and planet-friendly swimwear.

They accomplish this by using sustainable technologies and methods, reducing its carbon footprint in the process. Eco Swim's vision is to be "the most sustainable swimwear manufacturer on the planet."

Karla Colletto
Karla Colletto Karla Colletto Facebook page / Fair Use

Karla Colletto

Karla Colletto is an American swimwear designer who has been making sophisticated swimwear for over 25 years. Her suits incorporate eco-friendly materials such as Sensitive® fabrics which are made with Xtra Life Lycra® and offer chlorine resistance of up to10 times more than traditional swim fabrics.

Koru Koru Swimwear Facebook page / Fair Use


Koru Swimwear began with an idea to provide eco-friendly swimwear for women who seek quality, function, fashion-forward trends, and a sense of environmental responsibility. To accomplish this, the company incorporates eco-friendly fabrics and responsible textile manufacturing processes.

New Zealand is the source of inspiration for Koru's products because of its reputation for environmental responsibility. Koru's products incorporate recycled, plantable hand tags, bamboo care labels, recycled cotton accessory bags, and eco-friendly fabric.

Faherty Brand
Faherty Brand Faherty Facebook page / Fair Use

Faherty Brand

Formed by brothers Alex and Mike, who previously worked for Ralph Lauren's design team for seven years, Faherty Brand is dedicated to creating clothing made with premium materials from ethically and environmentally sound sources. They are committed to providing well-crafted clothing for the beach and the times "you wish you were there."

TYR Sport
TYR Sport TYR Sport Facebook page / Fair Use

TYR Sport

TYR Sport is known for producing swimwear for competitive swimmers and triathletes.  Named for “TYR”, the Norse god of warriors, the Huntington Beach, CA company also uses significant recycled nylon fabric in its products. As a result, such swimwear requires less energy to produce, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions.

Olga Olsson
Olga Olsson Olga Olsson Facebook page / Fair Use

Olga Olsson

Olga Olsson is a travel brand based on nature, clean lines and sustainable sourcing. Olga Olsson is for anyone who likes adventure, thoughtful design and relaxed luxury.



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