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  • Arizona has a lot to learn from Africa
    Arizona has a lot to learn from Africa
    Maybe because every day is the same—hot and sunny-- time goes fast in the desert. It seems like yesterday that ASU welcomed 25 Mandela Washington Fellows to their six-week stay in Arizona. On July 30, 2015, ASU held an emotional closing...
  • Jupiter Home Sales
    Jupiter Home Sales - No Summer Time Blues Here
    August 1st numbers 12.3% higher than last yearThis summer Paradise Sharks decided to run our “Summers Saving Splash” where we give each of our buyer client’s a cash rebate at closing equal to 15% of the commission we received on...
  • Everest-summit-from-South-Summit
    What is the difference between simple and easy
    Just because something is simple, doesn't mean it’s easy. Let’s look at these two words from the literal sense. Webster's defines simple as "having few parts: not complex or fancy : not special or unusual" and easy...
  • Jean-Charles Naouri, CEO Groupe Casino
    CEO Jean-Charles Naouri is shaking up Casino Group’s LATAM strategy
    It is not alway easy to diversify on emerging markets and take control of a new territory, especially such a large one as Latin America. When Casino Group first forayed into the market back in 2005, few could have prophesied that it would account...
  • Pendleton sweaters sell on eBay
    What to sell on eBay: vintage Pendleton sweaters
    Pendleton Wool sweaters have always been a good seller on eBay. A quick completed listing search shows
  • Legendary Mexican Film Star Jorge Rivera talks about his movie career
    Jorge Rivera, Mexico's film superstar speaks out on Hollywood film industry
    Even though he has retired from movies and the entertainment industry, Mexico’s biggest movie star Jorge Rivero says he still keeps an eye on Hollywood from his home nestled up above the city in Hollywood Hills. The 75-year-old actor starred...
  • Greenpeace protestors have shut down river
    Greenpeace Activists Shut Down the WIllamette River Protesting Oil Rig
    Greenpeace activists have just forced a shutdown of the Willamette River in downtown Portland. As officials grapple with protestors dangling from the St. John's bridge over Arctic oil drilling, ODOT and the US Coast Guard have completely shut...
  • Man in Suit
    Rethinking the Working World
    Work used to be a fairly straightforward concept. A person that performed a specific task for a set number of hours would receive a predetermined wage. However, the rapid advancement of technologies combined with changing market economies has...
  • Sock Monkey
    Sock Monkey themed items a good seller on eBay year round
    The Sock Monkey may seem like a silly and simple children's toy, but it actually has a cult following. A bit of history about the Sock Monkey:The Sock Monkey was originally made out of socks during Victorian times (8837 - 1901 when Queen...
  • Silver Eagle Coin
    Demand for physical metal skyrockets as prices drop
    A casual observer of the precious metals market may think that as prices fall, demand must be dwindling; after all, with the traditional supply and demand equation, a major drop in prices would usually indicate an imbalance of high supply and low...
  • Gear for Goals brings joy of sports to children of Kenya.
    Wintrust Community Banks and Gear for Goals host sports gear collection drive.
    Doing its part to help bring sports and hope to kids in need, Wintrust Community Banks are teaming together with local youth charity Gear for Goals to host a month-long sports gear collection drive in August.Starting August 1, community residents...
  • Entrepreneur finds turnkey offices are the key to success
    Entrepreneur finds turnkey offices are the key to success
    Level Office is growing, literally. On August 1, the Chicago-based company opens a new space in Charlotte, NC—the seventh location since Evanston entrepreneur Bill Bennett founded his office leasing empire in 2013."We rent out private...
  • Kroger issues recall of food seasonings
    Kroger issues recall of food seasonings
    Another food poisoning scare has resulted in a nationwide recall for a major retailer, according to a story published July 29, 2015.Kroger, the grocery store chain headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and with large presence across the United...
  • Daniel Burrus
    WYOD: Is Your Organization Ready?
    Shortly after the launch of Apple’s iPhone, corporate Blackberry users started experimenting with the iPhone, and it didn’t take long before we began seeing office workers and executives juggling two phones – the Blackberry...
  • PayPal and eBay split
    PayPal and eBay split
    EBay and PayPal split is a divorce whose time has come.Every good thing comes to an end. And American technology firms are not the exception. After enjoying years of bounty, they are presently facing new challenges that arose from the growth of...
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