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  • A Winning Team
    A Care Giver's Crisis
    NASHVILLE, TNA Care Giver’s Crisis My heart goes out to care givers, those who currentlyare care givers, those who will be care givers,and those who will need care givers!This is just my way of encouraging family membersand professionals who...
  • Pictures in Memory Quilt
    Decluttering by Using Clothing in Memory Quilts
    One of the main reasons that we all have clutter in our home is because most of those items have meaning for us. We want to pare down and yet also respect the value of those items. Here are some ideas on how to declutter clothing by making...
  • Choosing A Contractor For You
    Choosing the Right Contractor for You
    Hiring the right contractor for a home improvement task is a big decision. While it may seem most practical to seek out estimates and go with the most reasonable quote for the job, budget should not be the only consideration when determining whom...
  • Choosing The Right Door For Your Home
    Choosing The Right Door For Your Home
    There are many different types of doors to choose from for you home. They include swinging, sliding, French, pocket and sectional doors, The best manufacturers include Andersen, Jeld-Wen, La Cantina, Milgard and Pella. Doors can add style and...
  • Paper Records
    Paper Records: How to Decide What Stays and What Goes
    We've all been there: paranoid about throwing things away, we end up saving every scrap of paper since the eight track only to have a mountain of files, old documents, and ancient, yellow bank statements from three banks ago accumulating in...
  • Roofing Maintenance and Repair
    Roofing Repairs and Maintenance
    It takes an expert to diagnose roof issues and let you know when it is time to replace your roof. Don’t wait until the rains come. Some simple maintenance or repairs can save you thousands of dollars in structural damages and loss of...
  • Use this web site to obtain mostly free information
    Use this web site to obtain mostly free information
    The “Consumer Information Catalog” is one of the products of this web site. This catalog gives free and low-cost information on topics such as:1. Animals.2. Cars.3. Computers.4. Consumer Protection.5. Education.6. Employment.7. Family...
  • Supporting change agents within the fire department
    Streamlining and fast-tracking change within your fire department
    Keeping the momentum in fresh ideasEmbrace change! Practice modern methods! Fight the mindset that, “this is the way we've always done it!” We say these things, we preach them, but do we foster an environment where these changes...
  • Preppers should strive for at least minimal workouts
    Everyone should strive for at least minimal workouts
    A twelve year study of over 300,000 people in Europe found that even obese people can benefit from as little as 20 minutes of brisk walking per day. The benefits included reduced mortality rates.Many obese people believe that, to be healthy, they...
  • Hoarding Cleanout New England State
    Hoarding Cleanouts in New England
    Looking to help hoarders in New England, is one of the more interesting places to go to the hoarders in that particular area of the country are often older and have kept items from generations of family members. From Maine to Connecticut New...
  • Happy Birthday Champ! Chap Oscar & Marsha
    Muhammad Ali Gladiator Ali Leadership
    WORLDWIDEMuhammad Ali the whole world is praying for your divine health and total restoration.Rest I have found will always result in Holy Spirit directed activity and every physical symptom you are facing is being met my Dear Friend by God's...
  • 8 tips for spring cleaning and organizing your kitchen area
    8 tips for spring cleaning and organizing your kitchen area
    When we think in terms of spring cleaning our kitchens we think about large tasks like washing windows, cabinet fronts and walls. We are more concerned about the places that visitors see than the places we deal with on a daily basis. Let’s...
  • The Tower lets you power up to six devices at once
    New gadget puts extra outlets and USB ports at your fingertips
    New on the gadget scene is The Tower, by The Art of Power. Sounds imposing but this device lets you power multiple USB and AC-powered devices in one easy-to-reach place. In short, it puts power and charging where you need it; no more crawling...
  • Energy Efficiency
    New Years Resolution: Improving Energy Efficiency At Home
    With the New Year still settling into every day routines, resolutions are still fresh on most peoples' minds. The obligatory healthier lifestyle is more important than ever before, but that lifestyle is not relegated to better food choices and...
  • 12 Tips for Moving to Portland
    12 Tips for Moving to Portland
    Portland seems to be one of the top relocation destinations of the last few years; in fact, Oregon topped the list of destination states for interstate moves in 2013 (Source: