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  • Hoarding and Insurance Problems
    Hoarding and Insurance Problems
    One of the constant questions that is asked of by hoarding cleanup companies is whether or not they accept insurance as payment. As of now there hasn’t been a hoarding case in the years of experience that these companies have had that...
  • Mark, Roma & Wayne Fleming!
    God had to have scheduled A.D. Chap Oscar
    WORDLWIDE“We are people of deep faith and I believe God’s hands are all over it,” Wayne Fleming, Chaplain for Davidson County Sheriff’s Department. We both agreed that there’s a hunger for this kind of material....
  • Wills Garden Hints cards
    Household Hints Cigarette Cards-1936 (Nos. 6-10)
    This is the second in a series about DIY household hints collectibles vintage cards.HistoryWD & HOWillsCompany was started by Henry Overton Wills (1761-1826), who began a shop in Castle Street, Bristol in 1786.He traded as Wills, Watkins &...
  • Hooking up a generator to your home
    Off Grid: Back up power when the electric goes out
    There are not a lot of options for back up energy when the electric goes out and in summer or winter that can be a serious matter.
  • Five Fun Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Cabinets
    Five fun things you didn't know you could do with your cabinets
    According to This Old House Magazine, this year more than 7.5 million homeowners will renovate their kitchens. The nerve center of most homes is the kitchen, so kitchen cabinets are always seen and used. New cabinets and new looks transform your...
  • Scary Things That Live in Your House (Unless You Keep It Clean)
    Five scary things that are living in your house (unless you keep it clean)
    We all know that it feels good to come home to a clean house. But you may not be aware that you may be sharing your place with five scary things if you don't clean it properly.
  • DIY faux zebra hide rug
    Make a DIY gold faux zebra skin rug
    A faux zebra skin rug is always a fun but challenging DIY to attempt. But the results can save you hundreds of dollars.Brittany of Brittany Makes recently created a DIY zebra hide rug with a twist. She used gold paint pens instead of black to...
  • 40 Bags in 40 Days
    40 Bags in 40 Days Decluttering Challenge for Lent
    Found a wonderful website called White House Black Shutters. The owner, Ann Marie, is having this challenge and I thought that all of you would be interested. Besides....she said SPREAD THE WORD and share this challenge. So I am!What is 40 Bags in...
  • Please Read and Share This Thanks
    Portable Generator in the house No Way!
    NATIONWIDE2/19/2015Portable Generator in your House “No Way” shouts Chap Oscar !This may seem surreal here in 2015 and of course the names will be changed to protect long term friendships please understand that thanks. When power lines...
  • Ways to Recycle an Old Bathtub
    Ways to Recycle an Old Bathtub
    Most remodeling jobs leave you with the question of what to do with the old stuff you have removed. If you are trying to be eco-friendly you should try to recycle or reuse what materials you can. If you have recently replaced a bathtub, it seems a...
  • Preppers need to nurture their immune systems
    Preppers need to nurture their immune systems
    Strong immune systems work help protect human bodies from infections and disease. During and immediately after a potential, future disaster, however, conditions might be bad enough so that the proper care of preppers’ immune systems might...
  • Internet founding father Vinton Cerf
    Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf warns of digital dark age
    Speaking recently at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science internet pioneer Cerf made the comments that should have you thinking about the best way to store your documents and photos.Vinton Cerf voices fears...
  • Better Homes & Gardens unveils 2015 Color Palette of the Year
    Better Homes & Gardens unveils 2015 Color Palette of the Year
    What will be the hot colors in 2015? Who better to ask than Better Homes and Gardens? The magazine known for its inspirational home decor and ideas reveals its second annual Color Palette of the Year in conjunction with the March 2015 issue, which...
  • Victoria BC
    Tips for Moving to Victoria BC
    The city of Victoria sits on the Canadian border in one of the most gorgeous regions in North America. With 360,000 residents, 'The City of Gardens' offers both natural beauty as well as historic buildings and a modern cosmopolitan center....
  • Home improvement tips
    Areas Of The Home You Are Wasting The Most Money On
    A home is supposed to be a sound, long-term investment for its owners. It can also, however, be a huge drain on the owner's wallet. Today, we are going to look at the four most common areas of the house where money is wasted and suggest some...