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  • Gorgeous Mums mark the beginning of fall
    Decorate your home with chrysanthemums for the fall
    In Florida when fall arrives, the days are shorter and there is less humidity in the air. Temperatures are dropping from sweltering nineties to the mid eighties. Hurricane season is in full swing. Welcome to fall in South Florida.If you are pining...
  • Puke pumpkin
    Carving your Halloween pumpkin without the gooey mess
    Love carving jack-o-lanterns? Hate that gooey slime that gets all over everything? Want to save the pumpkin seeds for roasting? Hate pulling them out of that stringy clinging glob of guck? Sometimes you need tips and tricks for dealing with it in...
  • Pumpkin seeds with eyes in bowl
    Can Halloween pumpkin seeds be saved to plant next year?
    Why would you want to save Halloween pumpkin seeds to plant next year? Considering the high price of pumpkins at the grocery store, having your own pumpkin patch doesn't seem too ridiculous, does it? After all, you've already bought the...
  • "Chihuly Nights" to open at Denver Botanic Gardens for autumn eves
    Tips for attending ‘Chihuly Nights’ at Denver Botanic Gardens
    Glass artist Dale Chihuly understands the allure of darkness—or more precisely the magic of illuminated glass sculptures glowing in the night. “Chihuly Nights” extends Denver Botanic Gardens’ blockbuster, record-breaking...
  • Tri Color Ginger
    Color Me Ginger
    Fall is here and so is the change of color in the landscape. I recently did an install in Lafayette, Louisiana and decided, even though summer is over, to add a pop of fall color with a tropical plant. Meet the Tri-Color Ginger. It's a...
  • colchicum
    Bulbs that bloom in the fall
    Gardeners are aware that they need to plant spring blooming bulbs in the fall but they may not know that there are some bulbs to plant in the fall that will actually bloom in the fall. These bulbs often bloom when other garden plants have faded...
  • sustainability
    Many landscape professionals advertise “sustainable practices” and regenerative design approaches when they build landscapes and gardens. When it comes to actually building these landscapes their approaches are sometimes less than...
  • The Oleanders
    The Oleanders
    The Oleanders are a desert selection that perform at their best in the region of El Paso, TX.The high winds, to the low winter temperatures, to the high noon sun and arid conditions in El Paso, TX allow for the Oleanders to be a plant that will...
  • Vegetables make great teething accouterments!
    Flintopia has some really good lettuce, and more
    Flintopia and vegetables, actually more natural than most people will allow. Thank You to Flintopia, for the delicious, baby friendly lettuce.Vegetables and fruits work great for teething. Who wants yucky old...
  • Decorate your winter garden with garlands and wreaths
    Decorate your winter garden with garlands and wreaths
    When winter arrives in Maine the summer garden is swallowed up by mounds of white snow, but that doesn't mean it’s gone. Bring yours to life with evergreen wreaths, garlands and bright decor to create country charm and holiday cheer...
  • 5 Amazing houseplants that bloom in the  winter
    5 Amazing houseplants that bloom in the winter
    Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh flowers. These amazing houseplants thrive on your windowsill and reward you with colorful blooms all winter.
  • 6 Ways to add color to fall gardens
    Six ways to add color to fall gardens
    When the skies turn gray and summer blooms fade, many gardeners are faced with a dreary garden that lacks color and style. Instead of giving way to sadness because the summer is gone, infuse bright fall color into your fall garden to bring it to...
  • How to grow an avocado plant from the pit
    How to grow an avocado plant from the pit
    There is something about sprouting and growing seeds from tropical plants, like the avocado, that appeals to the kid in all of us. These plants typically don't produce fruit - unless you live in a tropical area where you can transplant them...
  • How to grow stevia plants
    How to grow stevia plants
    Stevia has been used as an herbal sweetener since ancient times. Its leaves contain compounds called stevivol glycosides, which are 300 times sweeter than sugar says the Washington State University Extension . Remarkably, stevia does not contain...
  • Marjorie Madden has died, park to be renamed in her memory
    Fiddler's Green park to be named in honor of late arts patron Marjorie Madden
    Marjorie Putt Madden passed away October 7, 2014; and in her memory Samson Park — the sculpture garden adjacent to Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Greenwood Village, Colorado — will be renamed Marjorie Park.Mrs. Madden is...