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  • Lilac Jelly
    Garden Goodness- Lilac Jelly
    Looking for delightfully different jelly this year. Lilac Jelly is yummy, with a light wild honey flavor and apple jelly like texture. The smell of lilacs is truly a spring signature and I would love to bottle that up for the year, however the...
  • Jacaranda Blooms
    Blooming Jacaranda trees signal spring is here in South Florida
    After the vibrant yellow and pink Tabebuia trees bloom in South Florida, the next trees to show off their magnificent lavender blooms are the Jacaranda trees. Native to Central and South America and able to grow in zones 9B -11, these trees reach...
  • Gaillardia
    2015: The year of the gaillardia
    The National Garden Bureau has named the gaillardia its perennial of the year for 2015. The choice is based on popularity, ease of growing, adaptability, diversity and versatility – with 23 species across the Americas, the gaillardia is...
  • Spring bursts into full bloom in Eugene Oregon and my dragon is back with wings
    Spring bursts into full bloom in Eugene Oregon and my dragon is back with wings
    Spring is a wonderful time of year. It's the season of rebirth and new beginnings. It is a conventional temperate season, with blessings of warmer weather, plenty of rain and of course, the blooms! The flowers and shrubs in our gardens provide...
  • Spring time Strawberries
    Perfect Plants - Strawberries
    Are you itching to get out and garden? Strawberries are a great spring plant and can be planted in most areas as soon as you can turn the soil.Pick a location with good sunlight, soil, drainage and access to water.Plant in a deep, wide hole so...
  • afegds
    Test Quiz!!!
  • spring plant sale
    Seminole bromeliad and tropical plant sale April 2015
    The Seminole Bromeliad and Tropical Plant Society will be holding their semi-annualplant salethis coming weekend, April 18 and 19, 2015. It is one of the largest sales of its kind in Central Florida, drawing plant enthusiasts from throughout the...
  • Purple Top Weed
    Weeds- Purple top or Blue Mustard
    Purple top as it is called by the locals is a highly smelly weed here on the Eastern Plains, characterized by its sticky, sweet smell and small purple flowers growing at the top, is also called Blue Mustard and is of the plant classification...
  • Renoir - Bouquet of Lilacs
    Keeping cut lilacs fresh longer in vases
    Lilacs are beautiful and fragrant. Unfortunately, they don't last long, whether on the bush or in a vase. It seems like they only bloom for a week or two. Plus, they don't last long in a vase either. There are some tricks for keeping cut...
  • Village of Williamsville Garden Walk - 2014
    2015 Garden Walk Buffalo Niagara preview: June 21st through August 8th
    The name has changed a bit, but the concept is the same: the National Garden Festival is now Garden Walk Buffalo Niagara, and its purpose is to expose the area and the world to the great gardening ideas and destinations in the Buffalo-Niagara...
  • Vines
    Vines add value to any garden
    Vines add verticality and privacy, camouflage undesirable views, or even serve as groundcovers. Vines yield fruits, flowers and fragrances that attract beneficial pollinators. What’s not to love about vines? One warning: Allowed to ramble...
  • gladiolus
    Plant “fireworks” in your garden with these ideas
    Add color, height, size and texture to your garden with big, bold and bright plants like gladiolus, dahlias and caladiums – summer-blooming bulbs that will set off “fireworks” in your garden throughout the long, hot summer months...
  • Southgate Grace Rhododendron
    Rhododendron blooms springing forth in Zone 7 in April
    Rhododendron plants put on a staunch show throughout the winter months, refusing to be coy with their deep green firm leaves protruding from all angles despite the wind, cold and snow. But let springtime come around and that blatant act heats up...
  • Garden Tools - DIY Watering Drip system
    Garden Tools - DIY Watering Drip system
    Creating a irrigation system for your garden sounds intimidating, but conserving water, reducing weeds and give your plant plenty of water creates a wonderful harvest.In many place summer brings water restrictions to conserve our precious water...
  • Maui Hawaii Plumeria Flowers
    Maui Hawaii Plumeria Flowers
    During our recent vacation to Maui, Hawaii we could not help but notice the multitude of beautiful Plumeria trees and their breathtaking beauty. Because the Maui climate is so mild and does not get cold, tropical plants flourish there…...
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