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  • Review: 'Sunset Overdrive' - Awesomepocalypse
    Review: 'Sunset Overdrive' - Awesomepocalypse
    Sunset Overdrive manages to execute what seemed near impossible for a new IP as of late. A thoughtful, hilarious, action packed formula of a game that ends up being one of the most enjoyable games of the year, and definitely this new generation....
  • Fantasia Deer
    'Fantasia: Music Evolved' possibly the ultimate party game
    Hey Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners, remember that device you have for your console? It’s the device you normally bark commands at. Well that device is also a camera used to play some games. It’s time to blow the dust off of it as there...
  • Review: 'Project Spark' - Creation Catalyst
    Review: 'Project Spark' - Creation Catalyst
    Project Spark is a world creation game that goes beyond just dropping the player in to imagine a landscape and put it in the game; it allows players to imagine an entire game and put their take on traditional genres into motion in a way that hasn...

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