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Pamela DeWitt

Cincinnati Crime Examiner

Pam has avidly followed many crime and murder trials, from O.J. Simpson's acquittal to the trials of Jodi Arias and George Zimmerman. Curious in nature, she enjoys true crime television shows. She admires Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, M. William Phelps, Paula Zahn, Tamron Hall, David Lohr, Scott Bernstein, and many others. Interest in 'Dark Minds' (on Investigation Discovery), inspired her to enroll as a full-time college student, and to write on the subject of true crime. Hoping more people will "get involved" to help solve cold cases, she wants victims and their families to have peace, by seeing guilty perpetrators brought to justice. Be sure to 'SUBSCRIBE' (next to her name) for updates, and share her articles. Drop her a note with an idea for an article.


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