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  • Joni Mitchell
    Joni Mitchell brain aneurysm: Artist suffered aneurysm before being found
    Joni Mitchell suffered a brain aneurysm at the end of March. Fans have been wondering what happened to the legendary artist since it was announced that she was found unconscious in her home. According to a May 29 report from Billboard, Joni...
  • Blank name tag
    Bruce Jenner's new female name
    It has been reported by In Touch Weekly that Bruce Jenner has finally picked his female name. The name he has chosen (without being sure on the spelling) is Kaitlyn. The article by "In Touch" states that Jenner still prefers to be...
  • Joni Mitchell: Brain aneurysm behind weeks of hospitalization
    Joni Mitchell: Brain aneurysm behind weeks of hospitalization
    Legendary singer Joni Mitchell has been hospitalized for weeks with fans wondering what caused the 71-year-old singer's scary medical emergency according to a Friday, May 29 report from MSN. The question as to what put Joni Mitchell into the...

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