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  • Jupiter Home Sales
    Jupiter Home Sales - No Summer Time Blues Here
    August 1st numbers 12.3% higher than last yearThis summer Paradise Sharks decided to run our “Summers Saving Splash” where we give each of our buyer client’s a cash rebate at closing equal to 15% of the commission we received on...
  • New public affairs commitee chair at Phoenix Chamber.
    New public affairs chair named at Phoenix Chamber
    Jaime Molera is the newly appointed public affairs committee chair at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce ( He will head up the Chamber’s results oriented public affairs program and held get the word out on Valley...
  • Everest-summit-from-South-Summit
    What is the difference between simple and easy
    Just because something is simple, doesn't mean it’s easy. Let’s look at these two words from the literal sense. Webster's defines simple as "having few parts: not complex or fancy : not special or unusual" and easy...
  • Your Business Spams
    Your momma was right - protect your reputation
    Thirty blocked emails? Twenty spam reports? You just may have a bad reputation.School girls and public figures aren’t the only ones who have reputations. Every email marketer has one too. The question is, is it a good reputation or a bad one...
  • Woodie Specs
    Where to purchase an original wooden watch for your time piece collection
    Are you a watch collector that has experienced difficulty finding an original wooden watch; quite disheartening isn’t it? Locating an original wooden watch does takes time because those time pieces are put together well to show authenticity....
  • IM Creator Site Builder
    How to Quickly and Easily Build Your First Web Site with
    If the thought of building your own web site sends frustration and fear into your heart, then this article is definitely for you. A lot has changed in the world of the internet over the past decade and creating a web site is no longer the...
  • Jean-Charles Naouri, CEO Groupe Casino
    CEO Jean-Charles Naouri is shaking up Casino Group’s LATAM strategy
    It is not alway easy to diversify on emerging markets and take control of a new territory, especially such a large one as Latin America. When Casino Group first forayed into the market back in 2005, few could have prophesied that it would account...
  • Pendleton sweaters sell on eBay
    What to sell on eBay: vintage Pendleton sweaters
    Pendleton Wool sweaters have always been a good seller on eBay. A quick completed listing search shows
  • Legendary Mexican Film Star Jorge Rivera talks about his movie career
    Jorge Rivera, Mexico's film superstar speaks out on Hollywood film industry
    Even though he has retired from movies and the entertainment industry, Mexico’s biggest movie star Jorge Rivero says he still keeps an eye on Hollywood from his home nestled up above the city in Hollywood Hills. The 75-year-old actor starred...
  • BRICS nations now ready to deal with currency problems created by the dollar
    BRICS nations now ready to deal with currency problems created by the dollar
    On July 30, the new BRICS bank went online and is prepared with $100 billion in seed money to protect the five emerging market countries within the coalition from future problems stemming from fluctuations created by the dollar.The BRICS bank was...
  • Year Up Baltimore is empowering young people in Baltimore
    Year Up Baltimore Graduation at noon on July 31, 2015
    Year Up Baltimore will host the Cohort 9 Graduation celebration on July 31st, 2015, at the Baltimore City Community College at 12 noon in the beautiful BCCC Fine Arts Theatre at 2901 Liberty Heights Avenue in Baltimore.The graduation ceremony will...
  • Greenpeace protestors have shut down river
    Greenpeace Activists Shut Down the WIllamette River Protesting Oil Rig
    Greenpeace activists have just forced a shutdown of the Willamette River in downtown Portland. As officials grapple with protestors dangling from the St. John's bridge over Arctic oil drilling, ODOT and the US Coast Guard have completely shut...
  • Evictions on rise
    Pro-tenant ordinance blamed for increased evictions
    The San Francisco Business Times reported this week that there has been a jump in eviction notices filed against tenants of rent-controlled apartments in the city – with some experts claiming that the fire is being fueled by a new pro-tenant...
  • St. Augustine
    Vacation Like a King & Queen in St. Augustine!
    The nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida is full of charm and adventure for travelers who enter it. In fact, the city is so enticing that the King and Queen of Spain—King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia—are planning a visit...
  • LinkedIn scores big in Q2 Earnings
    LinkedIn reports $712 million for Q2 Earnings
    The LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE: LNKD), the world's largest professional network on the Internet with more than 300 million members, reported a 33% gain for Q2.LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said on today's earnings call that,"Q2 was a solid...
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