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  • Carrie Underwood
    Carrie Underwood's baby bump makes the perfect table
    Carrie Underwood has a pretty big baby bump going on. It is actually big enough that she can use it as a table now. On Friday, MSN shared the news about the cute picture that she shared with everyone on Twitter. In this picture, she looks really...
  • Willow Smith posted a 'topless' picture to Instagram
    Willow Smith shocks Instagram fans with topless photo
    Willow Smith strikes again. She posted a picture that at first glance appeared to be a topless picture, according to AOL on Friday. She posted a photo of her wearing a turtleneck with an image of another woman's breast on the shirt. If you...
  • Shania Twain at Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas - Ethan Miller - Getty
    Shania Twain unveils live release 'Still the One from Vegas'
    Shania Twain fans waiting with baited breath for Canada's Queen of Country Pop to release her long awaited5th studio album can whet their appetite with an upcoming live set. The 5-time Grammy winner will release a new live CD/DVD package...



Fight Sports

  • WWE news: Triple H breaks character to console young fun (Video)
    WWE news: Triple H breaks character to console young fan
    Most people know that the WWE is staged entertainment and the professional wrestlers in the ring are not really trying to hurt each other. However, the WWE is also hugely popular for young children, and for many of them, it is as real as anything....
  • Nowadays, who can you trust?
    Who’s to blame for the Megafight not happening?
    It looks like it’s that time again. Time to restart the great debate of boxing or pull the scab off a nagging controversy that just won’t go away. Somebody has been lying to us. Who can we trust in this war of words, war of deception...
  • Sheldon Silver's arrest could lead to the legalization of MMA in New York
    Will Sheldon Silver's arrest lead to legalization of MMA in New York?
    According to a Jan. 22 report from the New York Post, New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested on corruption charges after receiving several undocumented payments from a real-estate tax law firm over the course of a decade....