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  • ALW
    'School of Rock' will roll onto Broadway in 2015
    Musical theater’s certainly not afraid to make musicals out of existing stories that you might not expect (“American Psycho,” anyone?), but this one is at least centered around music to begin with and will have the help of a guy...
  • Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen of The Interview
    Hollywood reacts to Sony’s cancellation of ‘The Interview’
    Sony officially canceled the release of the movie “The Interview” on Wednesday, after the nation’s top theater chains announced they wouldn’t show the film. On Dec. 17, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Sony decided not...
  • Holiday wine tips from Cakebread Cellars
    Holiday wine tips from Cakebread Cellars
    One of the most recognized names in the wine world, Cakebread Cellars is a leader in American winemaking. Their status has helped grow the reputation of Napa Valley tremendously. Known for their chardonnay (which is the #1 requested chardonnay at...