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Zoo mystery, baby giraffe dies

Baby giraffe dies at zoo
Via Facebook page for Copenhagen Zoo

According to Thursday's Copenhagen Post, a baby giraffe died on Easter Sunday at the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark.

The giraffe was just a few days old - the calf was born last Thursday, and prior to the mysterious death, there were few signs that something was amiss.

The zoo took to Facebook to announce the tragic news, stating (Translated):

Giraffe Cub, which was born last Thursday, did unfortunately only the weekend over and died yesterday. Animal pass and veterinarians observed pup yesterday, where it lay down a large part of the day without taking food for themselves. the giraffe was necropsied today, and there were no signs of infection or heart problems. Zoo veterinarians has sent tissue samples to study and get the results in about two weeks.

The Copenhagen Zoo came under fire in February when zoo officials announced the killing of a young, healthy giraffe named "Marius." The 18-month-old giraffe was killed because he was designated as "surplus."

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