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Your morning ritual

How do you wake up? Is it abrupt or is it gradual? Maybe you use an alarm clock or perhaps your body intuitively wakes you. How do you feel in the morning? Do you start your day feeling well rested or tired? Do you open your eyes anxious or do you feel inspired?

Are you thinking of your coffee before you even open your eyes?
Are you thinking of your coffee before you even open your eyes?
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Whether you’ve thought about how you start your day or if it is spontaneous, your ritual sets the stage for the upcoming hours. If you’re upset as you push back the covers, this negative energy will fuel as you move through your routine. This type of living promises reaction without thought and steals any prospects you may have been gifted. If you awake feeling rested and inspired, ready to embrace a clean slate of opportunity, this positive perspective will manifest into a day filled with silver linings. Why? Because you’re not focusing on everything going wrong, instead, you are flexing to the situation and taking the time to breathe and strategize your response. Your best self is stepping forward.

When you were thinking about a resolution this past New Year, did your morning ritual come to mind? If you step out of bed grounded, you’ll maintain this balance as you move through your awakened hours. Doesn’t this sound great?

Here are a few healthy tips to help you embrace a good start each morning:

• When you first open your eyes, give yourself a few minutes to surface any dreams. Think about these symbols and, if possible, jot them down to gain from these subconscious messages; it can help you with any struggle you’ve encountered.
• Stretch. Whether you step into a full-blown yoga routine or just spend a few minutes warming your body up and getting the blood flowing, it will help you remain flexible, mind, body and spirit. adds, “…it’s time to make water a top priority each morning.” The article goes on to say how water hydrates, detoxes, and aides in weight loss and prevents illness.
• Make your bed each morning. If you start your day feeling neat and organized, this can carry forward into your other tasks.
• Devote a few minutes to a higher power. Energizing your faith through prayer, meditation or even reading a few spiritual verses sets the stage in positive mode.
• As you shower, visualize white light cleansing you physically and mentally as the warm water flows down your body. This will help release any blocked toxins.
• Take the time to grab a bit to eat (even if it’s on the run). Breakfast is the most important meal. Protein from eggs, vitamins from fruit, and other healthy foods will manifest the energy you need for your day’s endeavors.

Think about what’s important to you. Each of these suggestions will help you gain a foundation that promotes good intention and purpose for you to live, as Oprah would say, “Your best life.”

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