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Young pup with mange urgently in need of rescue

SAPA Urgents

An adorable, weeks old puppy is urgently in need of a rescue commitment in San Antonio, Texas. The pup, dubbed "Rocky," is located at the San Antonio Animal Care Services facility, and he must have a commitment to be rescued by tonight.

The Facebook page, SAPA Urgents and Adoptables, explains:

These companion pets are located at Animal Care Services and due to Extreme Overpopulation, they on the City San Antonio’s Euthanasia List and will be put to sleep unless they are fostered, adopted or rescued by the deadline noted above their ID#!

The following information is specifically noted for the pup who is in danger:

Rocky 305109 is a sweet baby who does have sarcoptic mange, but that's easily treatable, and SAPA! will provide treatment for free. He just needs someone to come get him out of the shelter as soon as possible so he can start getting better. He is just 6 lbs and 8 weeks old.

Rocky is out of time - with a rescue agency and a foster home, he should have a long, happy future; please take a moment to try and make a future possible.

Rocky is currently available for foster, rescue, or adoption.

To adopt, call (210) 207-6666 or email

To foster, call (210) 207-6669 or email

If you are with a rescue group, call (210) 207-8173 or email

Petharbor link here.

Facebook thread here.

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