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Yes, Shaun White's girlfriend is Sarah Barthel of Phantogram

The internet is alight with asking the identity of Shaun White's new flame. Sarah Barthel of Phantogram confirmed the rumors at KROQ's Red Bull SoundSpace concert February 24th, just barely after the Olympics were over. Some wonder if it's really true because Shaun White hasn't made a public declaration.

Sarah Barthel of Phantogram with Shaun White
Photo by Vivien Killilea

Please look no further to find confirmation than here. KROQ DJ, Kat Korbett, asked Barthel, "I hear Shaun White is your boyfriend. Is that true?" She also said to let her know if she was overstepping by asking. Barthel answered, "Yes. It's true." And then she got on to the music.

Esquire magazine noted Barthel's presence watching White compete at the Sochi Games Feburary 11. He said, "Sarah Barthel, the lead singer of [Phantogram], is currently Shaun’s girl, but who knows, maybe it all could change if Iouri steals men’s gold in front of his country and his people on his halfpipe. Nothing is sexier than power." This didn't work. Flightiness isn't her thing.

They are still together, and appearing in public. Of course, her first obligation is to appear in photos with her bandmate, Josh Carter. The bandmates might look really close. It's because they are; but like brother and sister. Carter and Barthel played in the same neighborhood, and then traded hip hop records in junior high.

So, how did this happen? Subtle clues abounded in White's pre-Olympics interview with 'Entertainment Weekly,' discussing his iPod inspirations. His music picks revealed an interest in Phantogram, and a tale of their friendship. White spent some time living in New York City and met the band. White offered his Los Angeles home for their use while they recorded their latest album, 'Voices.'

What came first; the relationship, or the offer to use his place? Only an exclusive few really know. But what is well known is that Barthels is totally hot, and very talented. And White added that Carter and Barthel are "very interesting people,very fun and loving and happy, but you can just kind of tell there’s a little bit of darkness in there. Same with the music." White listed his own band, Bad Things, last on his playlist. For those who don't know, White plays lead guitar.

Barthel's hotness comes from a supercool kind of sexy. She's been spotted attending Fashion Week. She sings lead vocals, plays keyboards, and co-writes all of the songs. Check out their music by clicking on the video. This sounds like a great relationship. Perhaps they'll keep making beautiful music together since it seems they have a great deal in common.

This column has supported Phantogram since they came and played at Filter's Culture Collide festival in 2010. Please check out more about Phantogram below and check out And please check out a slideshow of their Pacific Festival concert.

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