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Yellow Rose Fiber Producers Fiesta held in Seguin this weekend

A wooden crochet hook decorated with a clay sheep.
A wooden crochet hook decorated with a clay sheep.
Susan Paul

Last year, knitters discovered fiber artists like Heavenly Fibers' LeiLani Franklin at Yellow Rose Fiber Producers Fiesta. This year, Franklin is back along with several dozen other vendors bringing their creative crafting wares. A short drive south for Austinites makes Yellow Rose a perfect day trip for a spring shopping spree.

Taking place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Seguin-Guadalupe County Coliseum, the annual fiber event features vendors with hand-dyed yarn and fiber, as well as other crafting supplies like yarn bowls, spindles, shawl pins, and more. Click on the slideshow above for a sneak preview from these vendors:

  • Lost City Knits brings yarn and fiber all the way from Oklahoma
  • Charlotte DesRoches Designs from San Antonio will have hand-spun yarn, felting needles, shawls, shawl patterns, hand sewn/embroidered tote bags and much more
  • Pfluffernutter has brought a personal touch to knitting needles and crochet hooks embellished with clay, as well as hand-crafted shawl pins
  • Dawning Dreams is another Oklahoman with hand-dyed fiber and spindles
  • Heavenly Fibers returns with Spring-inspired yarn and fiber

There is also a full schedule of classes for those looking to learn a new technique. Whether knitters want to try felting, spinners want to try dyeing, or crocheters want to try weaving, there's something for everyone. Vendor Lost City Knits will also be teaching a class on Saturday about Estonian knitting techniques like ones used to knit their Lafitte shawl pattern. Sign-ups are available online now, and for every class registered for, students will get $5 in Fiber Bucks to be used at vendor booths.

Enjoy the wildflowers along the side of the road on the drive down to Seguin, then take in even more colors from a variety of fiber artists at Yellow Rose this weekend.


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