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2014 Winter Olympics

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XXII Olympic Winter Games - Sochi and Prometheus

The Olympics have opening and closing ceremonies, which have become quite spectacular, and they leave the impression that they are just fun time party atmospheres for the point of the games; the athletic competitions.

XXII Olympic Winter Games - Sochi and Prometheus
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Yet, these are rituals in every sense of the word and make the Olympics one of the biggest religious activities in the world.

The opening rituals do not begin at the stadium in which the games are focused but begin in Greece, upon Mt. Olympus. There, Pagan priestesses use a parabolic mirror so as to light a torch via the Sun’s rays, “the priestess of Demeter, goddess of fertility, was given a privileged position next to the Stadium altar.” This torch is then carried aloft by a relay of runners who bring it to the stadium—sometimes the flame travels by airplane.

The fire is a recreation of the Greek mythological figure Prometheus’, a titan, having stolen fire from the gods, the head of which was Zeus, and giving it to humanity. Thus, the occult/esoteric view of Prometheus is that he illuminated or enlightened humanity—he is the Greek satan figure.

Regardless of whether one personally considers his doings to have been good, beneficial, etc. the fact is that it is the Greek version of the Garden of Eden record; a being who went against the will of God. This is why occultists of various sorts view Prometheus as a heroic figure as they base their views on Gnostic-like retellings of the Garden of Eden record. The record is turned inside out, upside down and backwards; YHVH is characterized as an oppressor of mankind, wanting to keep 'em nice and ignorant and with satan/serpent as the savior. In fact, on the TV show Supernatural they had a Prometheus based episode where when his tale was told one of the main characters, Sam Winchester, stated that Prometheus was humanity’s savior.


See a series of images on the theme of the Olympics’ Pagan roots at this link and at the attached video.


“In the time of the original games within the boundaries of Olympia, the altar of the sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera maintained a continuous flame. For the ancient Greeks, fire had divine connotations—it was thought to have been stolen from the gods by Prometheus. Therefore, fire was also present at many of the sanctuaries in Olympia, Greece. During the Olympic Games, which honoured Zeus, additional fires were lit at his temple and that of his wife, Hera. The modern Olympic flame is ignited at the site where the temple of Hera used to stand...”

The XXII Olympic Winter Games are taking place in a very interesting locale; Sochi, Russia (a resort town in the Krasnodar region on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus). The punishment for Prometheus was to be chained to a rock and have an eagle peck the liver right out of his body only to have it heal and have the eagle peck it out again, and again, and again. Well, the traditional location of the rock is Sochi’s Eagle Rock:

“In memory of the event, there is a huge figure of Prometheus at the site, where everyone can take a photo with the legend. There is more to the myth. The story goes that there was a kind girl named Agoura who could not stand Prometheus' groans and drove away the eagles pecking at his liver. The lord of eagles became angry and ordered for Agoura to be dropped from the cliff. Her blood was shed and turned into a river. Now, Agoura is a beautiful river flowing through the territory of Sochi, and its waterfalls are another attraction of the region.”

So, the XXII Olympic Winter Games will be held where the satan figure was tortured and where there runs a river of blood—how special!

One Russian writer stated:

“There is no doubt that the Olympic Winter Games will give Sochi that extra energy needed for growth and development for many years to come. And who knows: Maybe it will be Prometheus himself who will soon light the Olympic flame.”

In fact, the Prometheus torch is an ubiquitously appealed to symbol in everything from the Statue of Liberty to the Standard Oil / Amoco logo and from the back on the US currency dime to the flag on Indiana and much more (see attached slide show and video).

In the next segment we will consider Olympics history in general.



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