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'XCOM' for $8, 25 percent off select pre-orders highlight weekend digital deals

XCOM Enemy Unknown
XCOM Enemy Unknown
XCOM: Enemy Unknown's price is blasted down to as little as $8 this weekend for the PC.

The weekend of Friday, Oct. 4 brings a number of digital download deals for PC owners with XCOM: Enemy Unknown a large focus due to the impending release of the Enemy Within DLC expansion. The game can be picked up for as little as $8 or played for free for a limited time via Steam. That's not all though as one online retailer is giving a 25 percent discount on pre-orders such as Batman: Arkham Origins and Thief while there are also a number of recent and classic titles on sale.

Here's the breakdown of games on sale for the weekend of Oct. 4 from different online vendors.


Not only is there a 2K Games sale going on this weekend with up to 50 percent off XCOM: Enemy Unknown, BioShock Infinite, Civilization V and Borderlands 2 but XCOM is free to play for the entire weekend and there are daily deals for up to 75 percent off title. The XCOM: Enemy Within pre-order is also available at a 15 percent discount for $26.99.

Update: BioShock Infinite is now on sale for $13.59 through Sunday 1 p.m. EST.

The classic Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is also 75 percent off its regular price and is available for $5 through the weekend.


The online retailer also has deals on XCOM: Enemy Unknown and has matched Steam's $9.99 price for the turn-based strategy game and made it part of two bundles. The XCOM Collection comes with Enemy Unknown, its DLC and all of the classic games in the series for $9.99. There's also a bundle that puts Enemy Unknown together with the recently released The Bureau: XCOM Declassified for $24.99.


GameFly has 36 games on sale this weekend including XCOM: Enemy Unknown at $9.99 and several Codemasters racing games such as DiRT 3 for $6.25 with a free copy of FUEL. You can save an additional 20 percent off these though using the coupon code "GFDOCT20."

Unfortunately, this code does not work on Battlefield 4 or other pre-orders. The Thief: Master Edition pre-order is $5 off though.

You can also pick up various bundles from GameFly at 75 percent off including the Double Fine Adventure Bundle, TellTale Games Adventure Bundle, Tomb Raider Collection, Daedalic Adventure Bundle and Assassin's Creed Collection.


GreenManGaming is knocking off 25 percent of the price on select games that are out now such as Total War: Rome II and pre-orders like Batman: Arkham Origins through Oct. 7. This discount is obtained by using the promo code "GMG25-J2566-L2GHZ" at checkout and is good on the following list of titles.

GMG is running a 2 for $15 offer on a couple of dozen older titles as well.


GameStop is running with up to 80 percent off downloadable titles from Electronic Arts such as Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for $5.99 and SimCity for $29.99. It's also yet another place to pick up XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $9.99.


Focus Home Interactive titles are the focus of weekend downloadable deals at GamersGate. Farming Simulator 2013, Cities XL Platinum, Wargame and more are all up to 75 percent off.


GetGamesGo has a plethora of titles on sale this weekend which includes XCOM: Enemy Unknown at $9.99 plus up to 75 percent off Codemasters action titles like Operation Flashopoint, Overlord and more.

The Batman: Arkham Origins pre-order is also on sale for 15 percent off its regular price at $42.49 and there are a number of Mac titles on sale such as Batman: Arkham Asylym and several Call of Duty games and DLC.


Classic Interplay titles are the name of the game this weekend at GOG as Fallout, Fallout 2, Descent, Jagged Alliance 2 and a couple of dozez more are 50 percent off and can be had for $2.99 or $5.99 each depending on the title.

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