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Xbox One to show 'special things' at E3 as Xbox head Spencer talks RTS and more

Xbox One
Xbox One
Photo courtesy of Microsoft, used with permission

Xbox head man Phil Spencer took to Twitter yet again Saturday night to interact with fans and tease some of the Xbox One E3 announcements that are on the way. In the process, he covered a lot of ground from what they have planned for their E3 media briefing with all the recent announcements, the genre he would like to see return on consoles and the status of the Xbox One controller driver for the PC.

One fan asked if the recent “Halo 5: Guardians,” Kinect-less Xbox One and “Sunset Overdrive” announcements was to save time and show more at E3. Spencer’s response was, “Yea, wanted to make the show entertaining. Some special things I want to show so needed to do some things early.”

There will be more announcements coming prior to E3 according to Spencer but the current line-up for the June 9 media briefing “looks good.” It sounds like Microsoft is trying to get a couple of more developers and/or publishers to make an appearance though but he did say to expect “new partners on stage” this year along with “some old friends.”

There were a few potential teases of what may be coming, if not to this E3 then as future announcements. Spencer expects real-time strategy games to make a resurgence on next-gen consoles. The obvious implication here is a new “Halo Wars” which the Xbox head says sold well but “never seems to get the credit I thought it should have.” He said he’s asked about getting the original making its way to the Games with Gold program for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers. “Age of Empires” would be a strong possibility as well.

He also said that he’s thought about bringing back some of the FASA titles that were last seen on the original Xbox. This includes titles like “MechAssault,” “Crimson Skies” and the maligned “Shadowrun.” The company had a reach history role-playing and board games before they were closed down in 2007.

Making the Xbox One controller compatible with PC is “making progress” according to Spencer. He explained that he wants the controller to have the same features when used with PC games.

Speaking of which, Spencer says he’s “very focused” on the PC right now but don’t expect any big announcements at E3. Instead, expect announcements throughout the summer.

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