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Xbox One June update confirmed to have external storage support and more

Microsoft only just released the May system update to the Xbox One but gave complete details Tuesday on what’s coming to the console in June. The much anticipated external storage support is coming along with some other significant enhancements.

Xbox One June Update Screenshots-slide0
Photo courtesy of Microsoft, used with permission

The Xbox One will support up to two external USB 3.0 hard drives that are at least 256 GB in size starting with the June update, which is expected to be released around the time of Microsoft’s E3 media briefing on June 9. A maximum size was not given but Xbox LIVE Director of Programming Larry Hyrb mentioned that he's been using a 4TB hard drive.

The hard drive will be able to hold all games, apps and DLC and can not only be used on your Xbox One but can be hooked up to a friend of family member’s console to play games as well. You will have to be logged in with your Xbox LIVE to play on another console though.

One minor but well lamented missing feature is also coming to the Xbox One. The ability to automatically sign-in to a default gamertag when you turn the console on will be added.

The update will also allow users to find friends by their real name in addition to the traditional gamertag method. Real names will be available in the friends list and Microsoft will also allow more sharing options to include just a subset of friends as a new option to go along with friends of friends or nobody.

SmartGlass will also be update to become even more of a universal remote for the Xbox One than before. Users will have full access to the OneGuide using their smartphone or tablet including the ability to change channels and set DVR recording as long as you are in a supported market. These markets are being expanded to Canada, UK, France Germany, Spain and Italy starting in June.

The SmartGlass app will also allow users to reorder their pins and keep up with what their friends are doing. Friend activity feeds are coming to the app along with notifications on when a friend comes online or begins broadcasting a game. You’ll even be able to watch the broadcast on some supported devices.

As mentioned before, there are major changes coming to the Xbox LIVE Gold with this update. This includes the ability for non-Gold subscribers to use all of the entertainment apps, the Games with Gold program moving up to the Xbox One and Deals with Gold offering discounts on games.

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