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Xbox 720 will be maxed out as soon as it's released, says Hitman: Absolution dev

What do you think about Blystad's comments?
What do you think about Blystad's comments?

The Xbox 720 will be a very powerful console, but for some, they believe the system will be finished from a capability standpoint as soon as it debuts.

According to a report from Video Gamer yesterday, Hitman: Absolution game director Tore Blystad said the Xbox 720 will have all of its capability used up as soon as it is released.

"Every time you get a new piece of hardware, within an hour you max it out as a developer; that's just how it is.

"You keep pushing it right to the max, every time a new system comes out you have to make a bucket for who is getting what from the memory and performance.

"Is the audio getting a lot? The animation? The A.I.? They're fighting for resources and this fight is very healthy because it will make people optimize the different elements of the game.

"Of course, it's great to get more power, but it's very quickly going to be sucked up by any kind of part of development. That's always the problem, right?" Blystad said.

Blystad went on to talk about how their game engine will translate well over to next-generation systems.

"Now people have come to the point where they can perfect the usage of the [current] hardware and there's a lot of new techniques in development and renderer features people can take advantage of.

"It takes a long time to optimize new technology for new hardware as well because there's so many new features that come along along the way.

"[Our engine] will serve as a very good platform for the next generation, because when we get more power you can throw a lot more flair at things [more easily than you can now].

"Our lives are going to be a little bit easier for a couple of years now," Blystad said.

Do you believe next-generation systems will be "max'd" out when they debut?


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