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Xbox 720's features will be more about design and services, says EA

What do you think about what EA said?
What do you think about what EA said?

The Xbox 720's features will be interesting once the console is revealed, but EA says this system needs to be more about its design and what it can offer consumers in addition to gaming.

According to a report from GamesIndustry on Friday, EA executive vice president of digital Kristian Segerstrale said since the next-generation of consoles are still in the development stage, people will not be able to fully see what works and what doesn't for a few years.

"We are at such an early stage of this that some of the things you are seeing now are literally an application of what we know and had before in new and interesting ways.

"I believe personally that the really big shift will come as we shift the mindset of design, such that we design from the ground up for that. One or two years from now is really when you will see the results of what's going on right now," Segerstrale said.

Segerstrale further explained, saying what he believes the next round of consoles will need to offer gamers in the way of services.

"Almost any device comes with a billing mechanism, a connectivity mechanism, a policy on updates, and all those things that makes it more than just a piece of hardware.

"The consumer can't be happy if on your specific hardware updates come out slower, or the experience isn't updated as quickly as on some other platform.

"I think that's where all of us have work to do; we have work to do to learn as a publisher to deal with that environment better and to be faster and to be better across the board.

"Ecosystems also have an evolution to go through. I think most of the time there's a fairly deep understanding that this is going to be looked at moving forward, and I'm really pretty optimistic on that," Segerstrale said.

What do you think is most crucial that next-generation consoles offer gamers?


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