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Xbox 720 inside reveal, Microsoft speaks (Photos)

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The Xbox 720 has been said to be receiving an exclusive event over the next few days, and some believe that is where there will be some inside unveiling will be going on, but Microsoft has issued a statement.

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According to an exclusive response to's inquiry today, Microsoft has identified what the upcoming events are for.

"The rumored ‘event’ is an internal meeting that happens every year. We have nothing further to share at this time," Microsoft said.

The original event that many have been talking about will take place over the next three days. The events that involve Xbox specific discussions are titled: "Xbox Platform Deep Dive, Xbox Games and Xbox Q&A."

Now these events are invite only and are not public, so the company could be doing an inside reveal of the Xbox 720 will NDA's being handed out to everyone in attendance, but don't be surprised if information is leaked.

It's rather common for that to happen nowadays.

Superannuation, who is supposedly attending this event, sent out a few messages regarding the event.

"Wait, select press are going to be at the Microsoft fiscal year 2014 event this week?"

"I thought that it was MS partners only. Hmm. There are a bunch of invite-only sessions about Xbox."

People should be skeptical about any major reveal due to Microsoft making little to no public announcements about this and it happening essentially now.

This seems like a PlayStation Destination situation where people thought that was where the PS4 would be revealed and then Sony held a separate event for it.



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