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Xbox 720, Durango announcement delayed a month

Xbox 720
Xbox 720

New information concerning when Microsoft will formally announce their next-generation home console – codenamed Durango – surfaced on March 28.

According to a Tweet by Paul Thurrott, an individual who has sources within Microsoft and was one of the first to hint at an April reveal, it appears that the Xbox 720 – or Durango – will not be announced in April as previously expected.

Thurrott shares that Microsoft’s planned reveal of their next-gen home console has been delayed by a month.

His full Tweet reads:

That April Xbox announce? Pushed back a month.

With a delay in place, this points to Microsoft announcing the Xbox 720 just prior to E3 2013 if the company decides to announce it in May.

Currently Microsoft’s Major Nelson has a countdown running on his website that ends at the start of E3; a possible indicator of when Durango will be announced and shown to the public.

Hopefully the wait for Microsoft to announce their next-generation console is not much longer. If it is to take place before E3 2013 at a Xbox 720 exclusive event, invitations should start arriving to media during the latter half of April.