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Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 rumor roundup

Which console do you think will debut first outside of Nintendo?
Which console do you think will debut first outside of Nintendo?

Over the last five months rumors and information regarding all next-generation consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have been aplenty, so as the gaming industry heads into its big release season for gaming, it's time to take a look back at what we know or think about all next-generation consoles.

Last February, there were multiple stories regarding details of the Xbox 720 being leaked from "reliable sources," one of which had the system containing a Blu-Ray DVD player, a system with eight times the power of the 360 and even intelligence built-in to prevent used gaming.

It then only took until the beginning of April for another supposedly information leak to occur with this one discussing how the Xbox 720 will have a dual GPU setup, a built-in Kinect motion-sensor and a Blu-Ray drive as well.

Only one month later, another "reliable source" with "direct knowledge" of the project claimed the Xbox 720 was being manufactured for developers to use as they are creating their next-generation titles.

Next, it would not have been an E3 if there was not some sort of Xbox 720 rumor to surface, and there was with industry experts releasing reports of at least one next-generation console on track for release sometime in 2013.

Finally, the biggest rumor or leak to happen was in the middle of June when supposed official Microsoft documents regarding plans for the Xbox 720 trickled into the public, even though they were later denied by Microsoft.

On the Sony side of things, March saw articles being written across most outlets with information claiming the Playstation 4 would be released in 2013 and would consist of a GPU capable of displaying 4096x2160 resolution, 3D HD gaming and tech that would ban used gaming.

Then during E3, the same rumors surfaced regarding the assumptive expectations for the Playstation 4 being released during 2013 along with the 720.

And at the beginning of July, a report came out discussing a scenario where the Playstation 4 had been under development since 2010 and that conclusion was drawn out of a supposed Linkedin profile from former Sony employee Attila Vass.

Now of course all of this is rumor and speculation, and should be taken with a grain of salt, but there are some redundant themes among each story to draw reasonable conclusions from.

It causes one to think there should be a least one next-generation console debuting sometime next year; however, until Microsoft and/or Sony announce anything regarding them, all information will remain speculative.


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