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WWE rumors: Why Aksana was fired instead of other Divas

Aksana, WWE
Aksana, WWE
Photo from WWE Twitter

The WWE cut 11 on-screen superstars last week in cost-cutting measures. While some of the released individuals made sense, others were questionable. Slowly, the news of why these particular stars were chosen has come out and now PWS reported on Thursday why Aksana was released just days after appearing on “WWE Monday Night Raw.” It appears as if the WWE is planning to call up more NXT Divas and wanted to make room.

But why was Aksana released instead of someone like Rosa Mendes? According to sources, Aksana had little to no support from creative when it came to her character and push. The only person who had her back was Kevin Dunn, who often referred to Aksana as his favorite Diva. However, he had cooled on her push in recent months and that was all it took to push her out of favor and make her expendable.

But what about Divas like Rosa Mendes, who are rarely on television and still have a job? The word is that Mendes’ job was saved because of “Total Divas.” The word is that E! wants Mendes to appear next season on the “Total Divas” television show and that is enough to save her job with the company. Those side projects that bring in publicity can go a long way to ensuring someone’s job with the WWE.

As for the wrestlers that the WWE wants to call up, the BFFs are possibly on their way to the main roster. That would be Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte as well as Sasha Banks. This move seems a bit strange though. NXT stripped Paige of her Divas title because of her WWE travel schedule getting in the way of regularly appearing on NXT events. They then put the NXT title on Charlotte, so calling her up might mean hot-shotting the title to someone else.